T10 Support Monk, Helltooth Lag in Action, Overwatch Beta Soon?

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T10 Support Monk

MannerCookie has made a quick and to the point video guide to a Support Monk that can make farming T10 a breeze for his party. A great spec that has a unique playstyle and is a ton of fun! He has uploaded the build to our Builds section as well - check it out!



Helltooth Lag in Action

Some users have been wondering what is the Helltooth lag that devs and other players mention. Wd WDson has made a video showcasing his hardcore Witch Doctor going through the issue, and having quite a few close calls because of it.


Let's hope Blizzard can fix that soon - in the meanwhile, be careful with the set on hardcore chars.


Overwatch Beta Soon?

For those who are interested in the upcoming Blizzard FPS Overwatch, we recently heard news that indicate the beta for that game could be getting close. Head over to Overpwn for more on that!




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