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Patch 2.3 Round-Up & Game Guide Updates

If you missed, make sure you check our Patch 2.3 Round-Up post by Angzt! It contains every change and feature from Patch 2.3 in an easy to check format.



The official Diablo Game Guide has been updated with the new Patch 2.3 features, like Kanai's Cube powers on profiles, updated Bounty rewards, Treasure Goblin types, new Torment difficulties, and Greater Rift mechanics. Find out all about the updates here.

Monk and Barbarian Guides

We have put aside some of the strongest Patch 2.3 builds for Monks and Barbarians for players rolling those classes in Season 4 - by Chainer and Quin. You can also read more on Chainer's Barb build in his guide on our forums.



Seasonal Leveling Guides

With Season 4 approaching, there are quite a few updated leveling guides out there. Rhykker has updated his video guide, and DiabloFans members weboi and Garfm have also contributed with their own videos and threads on our forums! There's not a guaranteed way of reaching level 70 the fastest, as there are some random factors that influence the journey.


Garfm's guide goes over all the methods, with its pros and cons and some unique tips. Rhykker's guide for instance concludes that Rifts, while sometimes inconsistent and dangerous, are the best because of Forgotten Souls and Bloodshards and the potential to be the fastest method. Weboi's short guide goes straight to the point while still pointing out useful guidelines.


We have put together a written summary of all these, and you can still check their videos below!


  • Adventure Mode is always more efficient than Campaign for fast leveling!
  • Hard is the ideal difficulty to start - Expert is very inefficient and Master / Torment should only be attempted when overgeared.
  • Playing in a 4-man party is always more efficient than doing it solo.
  • To add to the party bonus, bonus experience from gear is shared on Patch 2.3!
  • Right as you start, steal your Follower's weapon as it's far superior to your starting one.
  • If you're running Solo remember to recruit a Follower as you start playing - the Scoundrel can probably deal the most damage early on.
  • If possible, prepare before the Season starts rather than during leveling - know your class beforehand and likely skill choices (as you reach certain levels).
  • Give preference to AoE skills and killing big packs of enemies, not wasting time with stragglers.
  • Minimize downtime! Don't waste too much time analyzing skill and item choices, wandering around towns and deciding what you want to do next - JUST DO IT!
  • A "Boss Bounty" can give you a Diabolic chest full of Rare items - keep in mind it must be an actual Act Bounty and not just killing the boss!
  • Halls of Agony Level 3 is considered one of the more efficient areas of the game - consistent density, easy mobs, multiple Cursed Chest locations.
  • Cursed Bounties are the best ones - they spawn a ton of monsters and upon completion grant another considerable boost of experience.
  • Rifts have higher Legendary drop ratio but their density and difficulty is RNG dependent - a low density, high difficulty Rift may slow your progress considerably.
  • Some players favor Rifts because the increased Legendary drop ratio means more Forgotten Souls at level 70 and Bloodshards.
  • Items found should almost always be salvaged, as the gold granted by them is minor and materials will probably be your limiting factor on level 70.
  • Puzzle Rings and Bovine Bardiches should be saved for Level 70 when you have Kanai's Cube - they open a portal to Greed's Realm (Legendaries!) and the Cow Rift (experience!) respectively.
  • At Level 6, check Town vendors for Rings - bonus attack-speed and damage are the best stats!
  • At Level 10, check Town vendors for Amulets - bonus attack-speed and damage are again preferred!
  • When choosing items and stats, always try to maximize your Damage! Survivability isn't an issue when playing on Hard (maybe in hardcore and on higher levels) - invest heavily in a good Weapon!
  • Leoric's Crown used to be a guaranteed drop on Campaign. Switching to Campaign mode at around level 17 and killing the Skeleton King is a huge boost in experience gain if you can get it. Players have been reporting that the chances of getting it increase at levels 20-22.
  • Rubies should always be the choice for socketed Helmets and Weapons!
  • If someone on your party finds a Cain's Set, it should be crafted for the bonus experience!
  • You can level the Blacksmith independent of your character's level, and crafting weapons with reduced level requirement when you reach Levels 45-60 could be a huge boost to damage. However, keep in mind the affix is somewhat rare.






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