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Hunter's Wrath Clarification

Nevalistis clarified on a Reddit thread that the Hunter's Wrath item is a Demon Hunter exclusive, despite the affix suggesting that other classes' primary skills would benefit as well. Read below.



Originally Posted by Blizzard (Reddit)

Think Hunter's Wrath will be viable in a monk generator build?
  • Can you reroll the DH skill damage% roll?
  • Or is there a better belt for such a build?
Just to confirm, this is a Demon Hunter only item. It will show (Demon Hunter Only) on the power in the tooltip if you aren't a Demon Hunter.

ZE 4P GR 76 Clear

Empyrian Gaming has uploaded a video showing the first person view of his Witch Doctor on a 4-man GR 76 clear by Zero Empathy. Check it out!




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