The Exploit that Almost Ruined Season 4, Kanai's Cube Wallpaper

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The Exploit that Almost Ruined Season 4

For those who wonder what is the purpose of the PTR, a recent exploit found there shows its importance. An exploit so huge that it could've either permanently ruined Season 4, or require major rollbacks to keep the learderboards untainted. Rhykker has made a video showcasing how the exploit was done, and discussing some aspects surrounding exploits and the PTR.


It has since then hotfixed and the leaderboards on the PTR were reset. And big thanks to those who found and reported this!


Kanai's Cube Wallpaper

HolyKnight3000 has put together a sleek and awesome looking Kanai's Cube wallpaper. You can get the full size version below, or the mobile version on his DeviantArt profile page. Check it out!




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