D3's Biggest Problems?

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D3's Biggest Problems?

Every now the same old discussion resurfaces: what are the biggest problems with Diablo 3 right now? It gains strenght usually between big content patches, precisely when the devs are working on the next big thing. And while every time it comes back the context and end-game content are kinda different, some specific points always end up appearing.


Over at the official forums, Freezy has started a discussion on a few of the game's current problems and suggesting some solutions from a competitive player's perspective - check the preview below. MeatHeadMikhail has also made a long video talking about what he thinks are the biggest issues on the game right now - watch it below as well.


Do you agree with these? What would be the biggest things you would change on D3's current iteration? What is the single biggest problem you would solve with D3 if you had the resources?


Original Thread's Preview

So after a long commitment to being super shy and procrastinating about writing something like this up. I decided it’s finally time and I’ve had enough. In this write up I’ve decided to mention and explain as well as hopefully give some adequate examples of combating these flaws/ideas. I’m fully aware that some if not most of these idea’s have and are being worked on currently. Note that most of these are coming from a competitive player bias so keep that in mind.
Also I apologize for the huge wall of text.

Experience Gear
People who play non leech classes are forced into other classes to compete otherwise they have a disadvantage in highly competitive play. One tier can mean the difference between paragon 800-900, or 1100-1200. So if you only want to play DH you’re forced into a position to either leech or fall behind the pure leechers that are 100-200 or more paragon ahead of you.

Ancient Weapons

I’m still unsure if ancient weapons were actually a good idea or not. The power behind just a single slot giving that much more dps than the rest of your gear hinges on how lucky you are. When you spend over 1.3million shards and not see a SINGLE ancient item that you’re looking for, it’s depressing. Using Kridershots as an example, the chance of you getting the just the correct affixes is an 8.88% chance. Then an ancient item which I think is 10% chance, you’re looking at 0.888% chance, then you have to consider all of those rolls have to be average or above average and you’re looking at an extremely low chance of getting the krider you’re looking for. Things like discipline should always be rolled on weapons, also things like primary stat (Fist of Azz, Blade of Prophecy). Maybe even increase the percentage chance for weapons to be ancient or reduce the cost to gamble, it’s outrageous to spend so much and get nothing in return.

Old Sets
I know they’re being worked on over time but like this video mikhail had posted (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQEFMle-I3U), equalizing the power of each set each season will lead to much more enjoyable competitive scene.

Unused Legendaries
There needs to be legendary affixes for every single legendary there is so that every item can be looked at rather than just thrown away immediately. It will open up build diversity and create more unique builds rather than forced into mainstream items.

New Hellfire Items
In this video alkaizer talks about some idea’s for a new hellfire item (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAgTbejzxCg). The idea was that maybe you do some sort of hellfire quest where you are rewarded with an enchantment that gets applied to some pants. And what it does is gives you a random rune to a random skill of your class giving you some awesome combinations. Anything like this will help improve the game even though you’d be forced to get the perfect rune for the perfect skill. At least it’d give you more options.

Legendaries OP
Allow some certain legendaries to be OP. A good example was Mortiks Bracers, it was going to shake the standard 4player meta a crazy amount then they were removed thinking they were too strong. Ok they were strong yes but it would of made things very interesting. If every class had an item like this to combat a standard setup it would give more options. The changes to Focus/Restraint were a great example. (continues...)




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