Harcore GR 65 Rank #1, Eternal Conflict Wallpaper

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Harcore GR 65 Rank #1

Zen has uploaded video footage of his 3 man party clearing a GR level 65 on hardcore! Sick plays and consistency from this party, and congratulations on achieving rank #1 with that clear. Check it out!


Eternal Conflict Wallpaper

The Diablo themed event over at Heroes of the Storm called Eternal Conflict has spawned some amazing artwork from Blizzard, and some users over at Reddit have put together prety cool wallpapers based on it. We've featured one from Maskimus below - click on it for the 1080p version. And for those who would like one without the heroes and the logo, and a very sleek border, Holyknight3000's version is simply amazing!




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