Mortal Shroud D1 Remake, Zero Empathy vs GR 74

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Mortal Shroud D1 Remake

Feeling nostalgic? Would you revisit the first entry in the Diablo franchise while taking a break from D3? A recent thread over at Reddit brought up a Diablo 1 remake made on the Starcraft 2 Engine, by Ahli. WIth the Starcraft 2 Arcade play mode being free to play, anyone can try this out - and the user votes indicate it's a high quality mod. Check a few comparison screenshots below, or a video showcase if you got interested.



Zero Empathy vs GR 74

Zero Empathy has cleared an even higher Greater Rift, a level 74 with a really good rift layout and Pylon. Check the video out below, uploaded by EmpyrianGaming! We have to wonder - have they finally reached the limit this time?




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