Rank #1 Playtimes, Firebird's Finery Revisited

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Rank #1 Playtimes

How much do you need to play to reach the higher rankings on the leadeboards? How about the highest rank? Heisenberg shared a post over at the official forums with some data he collected. The resulsts are quite impressive. Check the original post, or the quote below.


Rank #1 Monk - Scrapz GR62
Paragon 1086
Averaging ~21.5b XP/hour
Averaging 13.1 hours PER DAY since S3 started

Rank #1 Barb - Tonydihn GR60
Paragon 991
Averaging ~14.4b XP/hour
Averaging 13 hours PER DAY since S3 started

Rank #1 Crusader - Hades GR61
Paragon 1041
Averaging ~21b XP/hour
Averaging 11.1 hours PER DAY since S3 started

Rank #1 Demon Hunter - balaM GR62
Paragon 978
Averaging ~13.2b XP/hour
Averaging 13.3 hours PER DAY since S3 started

Rank #1 Witch Doctor - Karib GR59
Paragon 951
Averaging ~15.2b XP/hour
Averaging 10.1 hours PER DAY since S3 started

Rank #1 Wizard- Necro GR63
Paragon 905
Averaging ~6b XP/hour
Averaging 19.8 hours PER DAY since S3 started

That last time isn't a typo, Necro has played almost 20 hours a day since S3 started. (probably shared acct looking at his class portfolio) But basically you can see both the discrepancy on time played vs paragon level. Some have a specific leech class in Crusader/WD/Monk, but it is all rolled up in the hours per day.

Firebird's Finery Revisited

With the tweaks to the Tal Rasha Elements and the new Delsere Magnum Opus, the good old Firebird's Finery which was used for quite a while fell out of flavour. MHM has revisited it and discusses some uses for this mid-tier set, as well as talking about some factors to consider when having to use it - usually when still farming for the other end-game sets - and item variations. Check it out!




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