Fluffy Flying Flaming Fists Monk, Blizzard on E3

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Fluffy Flying Flaming Fists Monk

A Monk build has been gaining some popularity on our Builds tool, by Bigfluf. It focuses on high resource cost reduction, near infinite and ultra fast Dashing Strikes. If preferred, you can also watch the video guide below by Natsuma Z, where he goes over every important aspect of the skill and item build. Check it out!



Blizzard on E3 2015

Blizzard will be present at this year's E3, at a press conference called PC Gaming Show on June 16th, sponsored by AMD and PC Gamer. According to the official website this is an opportunity for "press and fans come together to celebrate PC gaming and see what lies in store" - who knows, maybe there will be some Diablo related news. The event will also be streamed on Twitch, so keep an eye out for it.




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