Anniversary Event Clarifications, Cowpocalypse Showcase, Jaetch's POV on Rank #1 4-man

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Anniversary Event Clarifications

Grimiku clarified a few facts regarding the 3 year anniversary event for Diablo 3 - dubbed the Cowpocalypse. He confirmed the event is present on all platforms and that those who want to find the specific portal to it should likely stick to Adventure Mode and Bounties. Read below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We keep saying this whole thing is just milking taurophobic superstition, but I'll confirm for you that this alleged event has been reported on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Is this only bounty mode for new not-cow level? Any tips of where was found. Thanks!
Well, I can confirm that Adventure Mode is where the Cowpocalypse seems to be, and that Rifts seem to be the only "safe" place to hide from all those mad cows. So, if you wanted to see what it's all about then your best bet seems to be doing Bounties.

Cowpocalypse Showcase

Since we are talking about it, might as well show those who don't have the opportunity to look for the portal but still wanna check it out. MHM has put up a video showcasing the non-existant Cow Level. Would you like the Cow Level to be a permanent event on Diablo 3? Leave your thoughts on the comments!


Jaetch's POV on Rank #1 4-man

Jaetch was in a party with some member from clan Dragon, and they managed to grab the #1 rank on the 4-man non-seasonal Leaderboards. He uploaded a video of his Wizard point of view and you can check it out below!




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