PTR Patch 2.2.1 Datamined, Exploit Definition, Discipline Bonus Damage Spreadsheet

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PTR Patch 2.2.1 Datamined

A really minor PTR patch has been recently datamined by our team. Not many new strings, but some interesting ones can be found below. Bandit Shrine hype?



  • a4_Heaven_Shrine_TreasureGoblin: Bandit Shrine


  • BnetStorePremiumPass_FlexExplaination: Your previous purchase of Premium Package has discounted Deluxe Package for you.
  • ErrorMessageReEnterPin: Please enter the correct NetEase pin.


  • DailyFirst_BossKill First Boss (reworded from Major) Kill of the Day!
  • SignificantKill_Title Boss (reworded from Major) Kill
  • SignificantKill_Details You killed a Boss (reworded from Major)! 

Exploit Definition

What defines an exploit? When is an exploit a randomly found game mechanic with no malicious intent by the player, and when can it be considered abusing the game? That subject is always controversial. Rhykker has even recently made an interesting video talking about it.


A player inquired Nevalistis about when game mechanics become an "exploit" and the answer was clear - when it requires very specific steps to take advantage of. Read the tweet below. 


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

@CM_Nevalistis At what point do mechanics become an exploit?
@BettaExp It can be an extremely fine line. This was a case of a bug that required very specific steps to abuse. Not really "by accident."

Discipline Bonus Damage Spreadsheet

Philosophios has shared a video where he explains how to use a spreadsheet to calculate the effective increase in damage for each extra point of Discipline, quite important for the Unhallowed Essence set. A great video and spreadsheet for those looking to min-max their Demon Hunters' efficiency.




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