Era 3 Has Started (NA), Crusader Summary for 2.2

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Era 3 Has Started (NA)

The second Era of 2015 has begun on the NA servers, and the previous leaderboards have been archived. Bear in mind that rankings earned now in this Era might not last much with Patch 2.2 being deployed soon (hopefully this Tuesday) and the incoming changes. Also congratulations to the top players (listed below) who managed to rank among the top on Era 2!


Era 2 Leaderboards

Barbarian - Klankster

Crusader - MrsBBQ

Demon Hunter - Gabynator

Monk - Gabynator

Witch Doctor - FriendlyFade

Wizard - Jaetch

2 Players - beardeer and VocaloidNyan

3 Players - Quirkitized, Cino and Cuba

4 Players - Quirkitized, Verdrix, Cino and Cuba

Crusader Summary for 2.2

MannerCookie has put together a video summarizing some important changes coming to the Crusader class on Patch 2.2, along with his thoughts on what will be the top builds. Definitely worth checking out!




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