Other Class Sets, Jinx's New Diablo Products, Monk T1-6 Progression Series

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Other Class Sets

Wyatt replied to a tweet hinting that we might see New Sets for classes that are not getting those on Patch 2.2. So Crusaders, Witch Doctors and Monks might very likely get new sets in a future content patch as well. Read below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

Question I've been pondering. Why do the Barb, DH & Wiz get new sets in 2.2 but not the other 3 classes? Their turn later on? :)
 Yes, the plan is for other classes to get their turn for new sets in the future :)

Jinx's New Diablo Products

For those who like Jinx's Blizzard clothing, be aware that they have a few new Diablo products. Pretty awesome Goblin t-shirts.



Monk T1-6 Progression Series

MeatHeadMikhail has made a lengthy series of videos, showing the progress of a fresh Monk through Torments 1 to 6. He talks about some of the common dilemmas players face during the journey, and showcases the specs he judges to be ideal for progressing - which is obviously up for debate! You can see episode 1 on T1 below, and if you like it, also check the others - T2 T3 T4 T5 T6.




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