Season 1 Ends, Wudijo's Physical DH

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Season 1 Ends

The first Reaper of Souls season ended yesterday, heroes have become non-seasonal and players can now claim their seasonal items. The way the mailing UI works allows you to select all items of a type (Set, Legendary, Rare, Crafting) and claim or delete all of them in one go. Just be careful: there is no confirmation dialogue! Also, remember to remove the loot from your followers, if you have multiple characters, before deleting them! Check the blue post about it below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Season 1 is scheduled to end at 16:00 CET today in Europe and we wanted to quickly remind everyone to be mindful when claiming items from the in-game mail system.

Items that are currently stored in your seasonal stash will be delivered through this system and you will be presented with the option to claim or delete each individual item. Please make sure to select the correct option, especially for those valuable legendaries you fully intend to keep for your future demon-slaying endeavours.

More information on the season roll including a short and handy guide on how to access the in-game mail system can be found in our blog: End of Season: What to Expect.

Wudijo's Physical DH

Wudijo is at it again... the top tier DH isn't happy with just accepting what is the best build, he goes out there and makes something else work! He posted an incredibly detailed thread on our forums on a Physical Cluster Arrow DH, with spreadsheets to back it up, comparing item and skill/rune choices. We quoted a preview below, but the full post is a must see! Also, check the build on our tool and gameplay footage of him clearing a GR 52. Great job, sir!

Hi everyone,
so it's been a while and with season 1 now being concluded, I decided to come out with a few things that I have learned about DH in 2.1.2 recently. Because I got a little unlucky with pylons pre-patch, I still had to up my rank a bit before the end of the season, so I decided to try out various things. As always, there was so much misinformation floating around on the forums that I decided it would be best to not trust any of it, and after some initial testing, I went with Cluster Arrow. Following some disappointing attempts with the grenade-heavy runes of the skill I realized that in solo play, the accuracy and utility of rockets is pretty much unbeatable, so I was left with two choices: Physical and Cold. Since the mainstream was focusing on Cold so much, I decided to start with the other one first, and cleared a tier 50 rift after two tries on patchday, and my tier 52 rift quickly thereafter, lifting me up to the second highest DH solo clear after patch 2.1.2 (only to be beaten by my clan mate Kampfkoloss) and a top 10 spot overall. I have also used this build on my hardcore character to get two then-rank 1 spots (tier 44 + 45, beating my own previous rank 1 twice) shortly after the patch, even with suboptimal items, and also took it to even higher tiers with great success.

Here is a screenshot of a part of the spreadsheet to give you an idea how I calculated things in there. Disclaimer: The purpose is not to calculate actual damage values, but to provide a comparison for different builds. (Full-scale link:



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