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Quality of Life Changes

Players really like patches that are full of new content: new legendaries, sets, rift themes, with tweaks to bounties, ubers and skills. But quite a few players like those small tweaks, called quality of life changes. A thread over at the EU forums with quite a few interesting suggestions (both on the original post and its replies) even got blue marked. Some of these might have been asked before, but the context in which they are being requested has changed, so maybe the developers will look at them with other eyes - so definitely ask away! Which quality of life changes would you love to see in the near future?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Dear Blizzard,
I love the game and I play a lot of it. But I'd like to talk about some slightly anoying things and propose some ideas of how to improve those aspects of the game.

Greater Rift Trials
Now... those are just not fun. They take a lot of time, you don't really get consistent results and after you're done with the greater Rift you'll have to do it again.
I understand why they are neccessary but in their current form they actively discuorage from doing grifts.
My idea would be to give us an option to kind of "gamble" more than one trialstone at a time. Maybe lose 10 trialstones and get 10 keystones of the rank that you have achieved in the trial.
Or dispose of the trials completely and let us choose the rank up to a level of [*highest rank completed* - 5] or something like that.

(Customizable) Auto Loot
I LOVE the new goblins. A huge group of them in rifts is awesome! That is until I've killed most of them and the others hide behind the loot that dropped, making them hard to spot and even harder to click on.
Also, I'm using a legendary potion, but I'm still picking up all the normal potions, which I then have to drop or sell at some point for no value at all.
Please let us customize the autolooting of potions, gems, usables (rift key stone for example) and crafting materials - basically everything that stacks. Let us choose if we want to autoloot them at all, or which kind of gems/materials.

Crafting Materials Drop Rate
In Season I am now sitting at about 7k veiled cristals, but only ~200 arcane dust. With the introduction of ancient items, crafting is something people really want to do.
But they can't. The amount of "lesser" materials (arcane dust/reusable parts) needed is way to high compared to their drop rate. For example, Reaper's Wraps cost 72(!) arcane dust but only 7 veiled crystals.
Please tweak the numbers in the crafting recepies or the drop rates. (This might even be hotfixable. Please?)

Newly tweaked legendary droprates
"The rarity of the rarest Legendary items in the game has been reduced" - this was SO nice to read in the patchnotes. But what I feel it lead to is people getting more Legendary Items that are not usable by the class they are playing.
By now I am convinced that I get as many (or more) crossbows on my monk as I get daibos.
Please take a closer look at the loottables for "foreign" Items, like crossbows on a monk or Mojos on a Wizard.

Blood Shards
The 500 shards limit is really not enough. Purple goblins give about 300 of them (and right now they spawn in pairs) and higher grift guardians even drop more than 500. I'm starting to visit Kadala more often then I visit Orek to close a rift.
For now, please raise the Limit (Hotfix, maybe?). On long term I feel the shards need to get a rebalance in value, kind of like you guys did when you set the limit down from 5000 to 500.
I know most of this is nothing new to be asked for, but I'd like to give a reasonable, quick Feedback without raging and offensive language.
Sorry I didn't do this for PTR.

Thanks for reading, keep up the good work!
It's always nice to know what Quality of Life improvements people would like to see the most, so this is an excellent thread. Blue-tagging it for increased visibility in case more people would like to post their own QoL feedback or add to what has been posted above. Thanks guys :-)

RoS at GDC 2015

Reaper of Souls will have two panels happening at the Games Developers Conference happening March this year, in San Francisco. The first is Against the Burning Hells by Josh Mosqueira, where he will talk about the massive changes from D3 vanilla to RoS. The second is called Soundtracking Hell by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Neal Acree and Joseph Lawrence, where they will talk about crafting the music of the expansion.

Previous GDCs showed us some quite interesting insider info on the difficulties of designing D3 systems, namely its combat (Through the Grinder). This one could have the same kind of exposition, so those interested in hearing the developer's point of view might wanna check it out. Since there is a considerable time until the conference, DiabloFans will be sure to remind you once we get closer to it!

Walking Conduit Monk

ExcaliburD3 has put together a super fun Lightning-based Monk build focused around Tempest Rush, made possible by some of the changes to the Sunwuko set in Patch 2.1.2, and which he dubbed "Walking Conduit". It seems like a very efficient build to farm T6, and a fun starting build to aim for at the beginning of Season 2. Check the build and the gameplay footage he uploaded to his YT channel below.



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