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Ancient Items Purpose

Not many players seem particularly excited for Ancient items. There was a blue post today further clarifying their purpose. How they are meant to be an end-game grind for those who feel the item hunt does not last long enough, without being a necessity for the other players. Read below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Looking at those anciet seems everything has to be re farmed...
The primary intent behind Ancient Items is to give the folks that have everything on their wish list more to search for in the item game. They're not mandatory for playing the game, and while they'll help you push a bit further in Greater Rifts as you acquire more of them, they shouldn't feel like a necessity in other endgame activities. 

New players and those returning at the start of Season 2 will also benefit from the new item tier. Finding an Ancient Item early on will feel great, even more so as a rare experience. You shouldn't expect to fill out all your gear slots with gold borders right away, either. It's a time investment that becomes easier as you attain higher difficulty levels and better gear, and further incentive to continue pushing your limits.

Future D3 Servers

On a thread over at the EU official forums, a fan wondered if Diablo 3 would ever have an offline version of the game, if the game ever stops being supported and its servers shut down. The reply he got indicates that is probably not something we need to worry about, citing how D2 has playable servers to this day!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I just think about old Diablo games and new one connected to server. We don't have to pay for service. Just buy game and play it... I just thinking how long it will be supported - maintained?

I just hope they will release serverless version of the game if they will shut down this original one.

What things going to be? Some people spending all life there...
I can only presume that Blizzard will have servers in place for many years to come.
That is a safe presumption I would think :-)

Diablo II has been out almost 15 years now for an example, and you can still play that on

Deadset Sanctuary Talk

Deadset has uploaded another Sunday Sanctuary Talk, this time going through the events from Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction. Great for those who love to keep in touch with the lore. Check it out!



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