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BNet Login Issues

Friday was plagued with connection issues throughout all of BattleNet, and D3 was no exception. A big part of the playerbase had issues logging in, and quite a few suspect it was due to DDoS attacks on Blizzard servers - similar to the ones which hit Sony and Microsoft services over the holidays. See the post below for a summary of Blizzard's stance throughout the issue - it should be solved by now.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

[UPDATE] 4:10 p.m. PST: The connection issues reported earlier appear to have been resolved. Thanks to everyone for being patient with us while we looked into and addressed your reports. As ever, we will continue to monitor the status of our games and incoming reports from our players. 

If you ever have difficulty accessing our sites during a service outage, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team via Twitter or by submitting a Customer Support ticket:

@BlizzardCS (Twitter):

Customer Support Page:
[UPDATE] 1:49 p.m. PST: We're continuing to work to address issues affecting login, connectivity, and long game queues. We don't have a new ETA to share at this time regarding when these issues will be resolved, but we'll continue to provide updates in this thread as new information become available. 

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. We hope to have you all back into and playing your game of choice as soon as possible!
[UPDATE] 11:55 a.m. PST: At this time we are currently hoping to have login and connectivity restored for both and Diablo III in approximately 90 minutes. Please note that this just an estimate, however, and that these issues may take longer to resolve. 

As always, should this estimate change, and should these issues persist after that time frame has expired, we will post an update to this thread. We will also be sure to provide an update once all issues are resolved.
Good morning, everyone!

We're aware that many players are experiencing issues both logging into and staying connected to several of our games, including Diablo III. 

While we don't have an ETA to share at this time for when login and connectivity will be restored, we're working to address the issues presently and will provide further updates as more information becomes available. You can follow this thread for those updates or check out our @BlizzardCS Twitter feed.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this service interruption has caused, and would like to thank you so much for your patience (and your reports). We hope to have our service restored and running smoothly just as quickly as possible.

D3 Tribal Tattoo

LionessGamer uploaded two "tribal" D3 tattoos at DeviantArt, one based on Imperius and the other on Tyrael. And they both look super amazing. Maybe we will see a photo of the actual tattoos once they are done. For now, check the amazing concept below!

ZDPS Support WD

Philosophios has uploaded a guide for a ZDPS Support Witch Doctor build, crowd control focused and tested on the PTR. Ready for Patch 2.1.2 and able to reach even Greater Rift 55! If ZDPS interests you, it might be worth watching.



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