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XP Holiday Buff

Apparently there were some issues and the holiday buff was deactivated before intended. Lylirra clarified that was a mistake on their end, and that to compensate it will be active until tonight at 11:59 PST, for PC and consoles. Read below!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I wanted to quickly jump in and thank everyone for the reports of the holidays buff ending before intended. This was indeed our mistake and we've re-enabled the buff for PC in the Americas region (the Asian and European gameplay regions were unaffected). It will conclude tonight at 11:59 p.m. PST for both PC and console players. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, as well for the delay, and thank you all once again for your patience and reports. Happy holidays!

Rob Pardo Interview

Rob Pardo, former Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard who worked at most of their big franchises (including D3) gave an interview to the folks at IdleThumbs. Its second part was recently uploaded, and he talks a bit about the AH, the decision to remove it and some of D3 vanilla's issues. We have put together a summary of it, or you can listen to the entire podcast (D3 part starts at around 1 hour and 39 minutes). Check it out!

About Diablo 3 and the AH
  1. "How confident were you in the AH when it shipped? When did you decide to give it up?"
  • Very confident at first, on a conceptual level
  • It took a tremendous concerted effort internally to get that feature working worldwide
  • Aside the obvious technical challenges, there were legal and e-commerce issues too
  • On how hard was the decision to remove it? Because the executives at Blizzard are very game focused, there weren't many people arguing in favor of it
  • Josh was the most hardcore about removing it entirely
  • Rob Pardo advocated some design changes to the AH
  • He thinks there's probably a version that would work with well the game
  • WoW's AH, nobody is talking about removing entirely, because it's better executed
  • Sometimes when a feature is implemented poorly for that game, people feel it's a bad "feature" but it's just badly executed
  • The big mess on D3 is that Blizzard wasn't able to beta test the game at a scale they would like to
  • The way they "beta tested" D3 was mostly a "stress test", and not a real content beta test as they usually do in WoW
  • The other thing people confuse ("magnet for controversy") - the thing about the AH is not the "real money" thing, he considers that the AH itself is what hurts the game
  • It's biggest offense was destroying people's perception of how they get their loot


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