Monk Cosplay, Monk Fanart, SilverBlast "Quicksilver" Build

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SilverBlast "Quicksilver" Build

Silver47 has put together a lightning fast build for Monks on the PTR. I took the liberty of dubbing it "Quicksilver". It's meant to maximize movement speed based on a few interesting item and skill combinations. Definitely a fun build to put together for speed runs once the patch goes live.

 Monk Cosplay

We had a pair of Monk cosplayers at this year's Blizzcon. The female Monk is Oksana, aka KarlCverg, and the male Monk is a friend of hers - who even got a shoutout at the Cosplay Contest. They made the costumes together, which took roughly 5 months, and based them on the Tier 10 armor pieces. Photos by Brent Allen Thale and sicfess. Great cosplay!

Monk Fanart

As usual, good fanart is a great match for quality cosplay. With the upcoming quality of life changes to Monkey King's Garb, chances are every Monk will be using it, and this is how artist ZliDe envisions the set. Is that a Monkey King's staff on her hand?



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