Ancient Weapons Reroll, Marauder Bug on PTR, Story of Diablo Updated, Diablo 1 HD Remake

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Ancient Weapons Reroll

There was a recent change to Ancient Weapons, making their lower base damage slightly higher. Because of it Ancient weapons on the PTR had their damage "rerolled" and seemed to be nerfed to some players. A blue post clarified the whole thing - check it out!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Chances are, they simply re-rolled the damage values on all Ancient weapons because of the stated increase to the minimum damage range.

And because RNG is RNG, your weapons rolled lower values than before (except the Furnace)
This is correct. 

Due to this change you might have noticed that the damage range values on your Ancient Weapons were re-rolled. It wasn't a "nerf" per se, but a necessary consequence of the changes we made to this attribute.

Do keep in mind that this is the PTR, and that changes like this are perfectly normal, and should be expected as we are tuning certain values. 

Thanks for the reports, everyone!

Marauder Bug on PTR

The Marauder set seems to be currently bugged on the PTR, allowing players to stack some unintended extra damage from the set. This will be corrected in a future hotfix, which will coincide with a Leaderboard reset on the PTR. Read below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Contrary to the previous announcement the sentries of the demon hunter still benefit from the m6-bonus (+100% dmg/sentry). The M6-DH is still absolutely overpowered for T6 and dominates the leaderboards. I don't think that this is intended.
You are correct! This is definitely an unintended bug.

We're currently working on a hotfix to correct this behavior. Once that hotfix rolls out, we'll also be resetting the Demon Hunter, 2-Player, 3-Player, and 4-Player Leaderboards for Season and Non-Season on the PTR to allow this change to be reflected in Leaderboard performance. We’ll need to bring the PTR down for a short time in order to reset the Leaderboards; I’ll update this thread once the time frame is available.

We're also working on an updated list of Focused Feedback topics. Waiting on just a few more details, but that will be coming soon as well.

Story of Diablo Updated

The Story of Diablo section of the official website has been updated with all the events from Reaper of Souls. Those who just blazed through Act V or are interested in lore might wanna check it out!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We've updated The Story of Diablo with the events of Reaper of Souls! Learn the fate of the nephalem as they face Malthael and his army of Reapers.

Diablo 1 HD Remake

A couple months ago Wojtek25 released the latest version of his Diablo 1 HD remake. The original game files are still needed to make it work, but it's well worth it for those who would like to (re)experience this classic. Below is a summary of its features and a demo video. Download it on its website.



  • Increased resolution and support for panoramic screens
  • Fully integrated with new windows systems
  • Many user interface improvements
  • New hero classes Barbarian and Assassin
  • All quests which were missing from original game are now implemented
  • Four difficulty levels available in single player
  • New locations
  • New special and randomly generated bosses
  • New spells
  • New character skills
  • New item types and affixes
  • 204 unique items
  • 28 sets with 105 set items
  • 170 crafting recipes
  • Great number of minor gameplay changes
  • And many more...


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