Blizzcon is here! Live updates for the Diablo Panel

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Blizzcon is here! Live updates for the Diablo Panel

It's happening! Blizzcon has opened its doors and we will be bringing you live updates from the Diablo panels as well as every bit of information we can get our hands on.
Update: Today's panel has ended. There will be another Diablo III panel tomorrow which we will also be covering live.


Blizzcon's "Diablo III - What's Next?" panel has concluded.
Click the links in the corresponding bullet points for screenshots from the panel itself.

    • We had Josh Mosqueira, Jonny Ebbert, Wyatt Cheng, and Kevin Martens on stage.
    • Patch 2.1.2
      • Will have a PTR.
      • New Goblins
      • Adventure Mode changes
        • Rifts / Greater Rifts
          • Monster Density: Will be increased for regular monsters and Elites where it is currently low.
          • Death Penalty in GR: You will now be able to revive at your corps but will get a stacking time penalty.
          • Trials
            • Pacing and mosters in them are being looked at.
            • In the current internal build, all monsters can be knocked around.
            • Progression in Trials should be more persistent in terms of damage taken.
          • Layout changes
            • Tilesets which were formerly fixed will get a more flexible layout. Examples: The Oasis, the Spider Caves, and Leoric's Jail, others will follow later (see below).
            • Dead ends and loops should be much shorter (5 seconds max)
          • Rift Guardians: Will be revisited to become equally challenging but still unique.
          • Pylons
            • Conduit is not getting removed for now.
            • Other Pylons are instead buffed. Speed Pylons ignore collision and last for a minute. Shield Pylons reflect damage and explode on tomeout.
            • Pylon density should be more uniform with 2-4 appearing per Rift.
        • Town Hubs
          • Act I artisans are now much closer together.
      • Items
        • Ancient Items
          • New Tier of Legendary and Set items.
          • Intended for players who have already completed their class Sets and are otherwise satisfied with their gear.
          • Drop in Torment I and above, the higher the difficulty the higher the chance. Currently at 5-10% on T6 or equivalent GR.
          • Up to 30% better in attributes.
            • Currently seems to affect most stats, with Crit Chance, Crit Damage and other percentage-based stats being the exceptions.
          • Example items: Wand of Woh, Vile Ward, Lut Socks, Firebird's Plume, Cindercoat, Sunwuko's Paws, Reaper's Wraps, Maximus
        • New Items
          • Ranslor's Folly: Wrists. Energy Twister periodically pulls in an enemy withing 30 yards. An enemy can only be pulled in this way once every 5 seconds.
        • Reworked Items
          • Wormwood: Rolls +Poision Damage. Locust Swarm deals continous damage. (Casts automatically)
        • New Legendary Gems
          • Esoteric Alteration: Gain 30% non-Physical damage reduction. Rank 25 Bonus: While below 50% Life, your non-physical resistances are increased by 75%.
          • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard: Regenerates 50,000 Life per Second. Rank 25 Bonus: After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% of your Life per Second.
          • Numbers are subject to change.
      • Season 2
        • Conquests
          • Only some Conquests will make a return, for example "Reach GR30" or Speed Racer.
          • The "Reach level 70" Conquest will be dropped.
          • New Conquests
            • Get a 50,000,000 gold stream outside of the Vault
            • Kill [List of Bosses] within 20 minutes of starting a game.
            • Collect [List of Lore Books].
        • Adventure Mode
          • Will be unlocked from the start again.
          • This might change for later Seasons, though.
        • Will feature Leg and Feet Transmogrification reward. Season 3 will have the Chest and Hands.
    • A later Patch:
      • Adventure Mode changes
        • Rifts / Greater Rifts
          • Layout changes: Tilesets which were formerly fixed will get a more flexible layout. Examples: Stinging Winds, Tristram Fields, Festering Woods.
      • New Zone: Ruins of Sescheron
        • Sescheron: Barbarian capital city from the Diablo II LoD opening cinematic. Now only ruins and buried Barabrians.
        • Located near Arreat Crater in Act III.
        • Will contain new monsters (see below).
        • Very trap-heavy (exhibit A, exhibit B).
      • New Monsters
      • "And more!"
    • General Information / philosophy:
      • Legendary Gem usage is currently very uneven: 3 Gems make up nearly 50% of all gems used while others are hardly being touched. Adding more Legendary Gems and Items should change this.
      • Randomness shouldn't dictate success or failure but instead provide a varied experience. This is the goal Blizzard are working towards.
      • More items will be shown tomorrow, also "something special".
      • Fishing for certain GR layouts or monsters is being looked into and changes to the level generation should help minimize/nullify its effects.
        • Act IV, V monsters are being looked at for this reason, too.
    • Things that aren't being commented/announced on (from QnA):
      • Uber Diablo.
      • Changing item rarity colors.
      • Cash shop for stash space or character slots.
      • Other new zones.
      • A second expansion.
      • Trading
        • Actually was commented on: Not likely to make a full comeback as it can destroy the reward loop of the game, like the AH did.
        • Some types of trading might make it into the game at some point though, the console version's gift system mentioned.
      • Seasons for consoles
        • Offline capabilities don't really allow those
      • Crafting system similar to Diablo II's Rune system.
        • But they're looking for a similar system in spirit, allowing for more customization and using rare materials.

Off-Stage info:
  • New Armor Sets (from press kit)
    • Barbarian:
      • 2P: Rend deals 300% more damage.
      • 4P: Rend lasts 300% longer.
      • 6P:  Targets affected by Rend take +300% Whirlwind damage.
    • Demon Hunter:
      • 2P: Gain 2 Discipline every time you use a Hatred Generator.
      • 4P: Take 20% less damage if there are enemies within 40 yards.
      • 6P: Every point of Discipline you currently have increases the damage of your Hatred Generators and Multishot by 10%.
    • Wizard: Fierce Set
      • 2P: Casting Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile, and Shock Pulse reduce the cooldown of Slow Time by 1 second.
      • 4P: Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 1250% weapon damage every second.
      • 6P: Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 500% more damage from your Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile and Shock Pulse.
  • New area: Ruins of Sescheron (old Barbarian capital, now snowy ruins) along with new monster types. (from playable demo)
  • New Rift Guardian: Rat King. (from playable demo)
  • New types of Treasure Goblins, some of which drop Blood Shards, others gems and others again drop crafting materials and plans. (from playable demo)
  • Legendary item changes: (from playable demo/press kit)
    • Wormwood: Locust Swarm deals continous damage.
    • Gungdo Gear: Exploding Palm's on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm.
    • Sunwuko Set:
      • 2P: Casting Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush or Wave of Light causes a decoy to spawn that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 1000% weapon damage.
      • 4P: Enemies hit by the decoy explosion take 500% from your Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush or Wave of Light abilities for 3 seconds.
    • New Item: Crown of the Primus: Slow Time gains the effect of every rune.
    • New item: Ranslor's Folly: Wrists, Energy Twister periodically pulls in an enemy withing 30 yards. An enemy can only be pulled in this way once every 5 seconds.
  • New Seasonal Transmogs: Feet, Legs
  • Blizzard just announced a new IP called Overwatch, a team-based FPS with different characters, special powers and possible RPG elements. Cinematic trailer here. Official site here. Transcript of the ongoing panel here.


Presskit Screenshots



View the full schedule for Blizzcon here.
The live stream of the openeing ceremony and all eSports action is available for everybody right here.
All other content, including developer panels, exclusive interviews, the costume and talent contests, and the closing concert with Metallica, is only available for Virtual Ticket holders.

Also, the Legendary Workshop submission thread is now unlocked. Post your ideas for new items in the thread and with some luck, the developers will discuss them tomorrow!



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