Elite Nullifier HC Barb, Wizard Group Build for GR 45, Tristram Theme Metal

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Elite Nullifier HC Barb

TactikEndGame uploaded a guide a while ago for a HC Barbarian build focused on Whirlwhild and converting Elite enemies to fight for you (through Threatening Shout). A solid build that has reached very high ranks on the EU HC leaderboards. Check it out!

Wizard Group Build for GR 45

With the recent update to our Builds section, some players have already started re-uploading some popular end-game Builds, with clearer stat priorities and Paragon point distribution. Check out Elenara's Group Wizard Pure DPS build for higher GRs, which even has some CDR to allow for more frequent Black Hole casting. Click the banner to visit the guide.

Tristram Theme Metal

ArtificialFear made a really awesome "metalized" version of the Tristram Theme. Enough said - you must watch it!



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