Patch 2.1 Legendary Drop Rates, Keystone of Trials Beam, Experience Exploit Fixed, Sentry Attackspeed Table

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Patch 2.1 Legendary Drop Rates

New datamined Legendary Drop Rate chances were posted on Ilbe, and linked on reddit. Click the banner below the full spreadsheet with every item!

After checking some posts and comparing the old and new drop percentages, we have assembled some useful observations for those not willing to go through every item to understand the general changes made. Note that some percentages are approximations (because they are different for each class) and that we used the Seasonal Torment Drops and Gamble section of the spreadsheet to check these.

General Observations:

Keystone of Trials Beam

It appears the developers have listened to a complaint from the majority of players: how the Keystone of Trials emits the brown legendary beam when it drops. Travis Day posted that in a future patch the beam will be removed, and also for players to rest assured that the Keystone is not taking the place of a possible legendary drop.

Originally Posted by Blizzard

Legendary Beam Removal
Why not just have it drop and have the brown text like forgotten souls, vital organs, and hellfire keys instead of a "legendary beam" and a star to indicate it on the map. Just seems a bit pointless especially with the frequency they drop in higher torments.
Yeah Blizz should totally pull those beams so they stop trolling me. Someone should do something about this!

*Removes the beam in a future patch* (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Keystone and Other Legendary Drops
Count as a legendary drop taking away USEFUL drops from rift bosses?
The keys are not part of the legendary drop table, they are entirely separate entries in the table and have no impact of any kind on whether or not you will get legendary items. 

Also I'll be removing the beam from the keys in a future patch. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Experience Exploit Fixed

The bug used to exponentially increase the experience gained from Greater Rifts has been hotfixed. See the post below. Also, a blue post on the European forums (posted after it was hotfixed) say that they are still "investigating the issue", maybe suggesting that players could still be punished for exploiting the bug.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The following hotfix is now live in all regions. There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.


Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts:
  • Experience gained from Greater Rifts is no longer inflated by the game mode difficulty (9/8)

Sentry Attackspeed Table

Official forum user Oscar put together a table (original thread) to easily check how Tasker and Theo affect your Sentries' attackspeed. The horizontal row is for the T&T's bonus pet attackspeed, and the vertical row is your DH's base attackspeed. Click the image for a larger version.

Yet Another Malthael Cosplay

Malthael cosplays never cease to amaze us with amazingly detailed armor pieces. Redditor voododoll posted images of the costume he used in Aniventure 2014. Some people doubted it was him, but for their disappointment, he has proof! He also explains in the post (easily checked in his post history as well) some of the techniques used for making the costume. Click the pictures for the full resolution!



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