2.1 Releases Tomorrow! Patch 2.1 Roundup!

Update 12:20 PM - PTR is going down!
pdate 5:00 AM - The first Season will start this Friday!
Update 9:44 AM - Patch is now on the launcher
Update 15:25 PM - Banner-link to the Patch Notes added.

Patch 2.1 is now Live

2.1 Releases Tomorrow! Patch 2.1 Roundup!

With the 2.1 patch now up on their patch servers, and Blizzard just updating the breaking news confirming that the patch is tomorrow - it looks like it is time for the great 2.1 roundup!

Also don't forget to be ready for 2.1 with the latest builds! Our tool is already up to date with the 2.1 abilities and runes, so you can start making new builds right away to share!

 New Systems

Patch 2.1 offers multiple new systems: Seasons, Greater Rifts, and Leaderboards. Click the banners below to get more detailed information!


This Patch brings many new items with it, mostly related to the new Systems - Seasons and Greater Rifts - but also some pieces available in the old game modes. Many existing Legendary items have also been changed, Kudos to Bagstone who has been collecting information on those. Hit either of the banners below to find out more.


There are also many balancing changes coming with Patch 2.1. Some of them are general combat changes which affect all classes but of course, every class gets some of its skills and runes changed, too. Read up on the most important changes to your favorite class by clicking the banner below!


2.1 also brings multiple minor changes, among them two new Zones, adjustments to Nephalem Rifts and the UI. Learn more by clicking the banner.



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