DiabloFans Introduces Diablo Builds!

 Introducing Diablo Builds

We are very excited to introduce a new feature to Diablofans: Diablo Builds. 
Note: The builder currently uses PTR data for skills and runes, letting users theorycraft builds. However items are currently using LIVE stats.

  • A new widget has been added to the front page that lets you sort by class and popularity. 
  • You can now create a build by selecting skills, runes, passives and recommended or required Items.
  • There is an area to write out a full guide for users to rate and comment on.
  • Tagging system to flag your builds as fire, arcane, and so on.
  • Ability to search for builds via type (Fire, Arcane..ect), Items the build needs, and items the build does not use!
  • Please leave any feedback in the feedback post.

 Create Your Own Build!
All users are now able to create their own builds and share them with everyone! Follow the steps below to get started!

  • Go to the "Create a Build" link in the nav.
  • Select the Class you want to make a build for.
  • Click on an empty Skill slot, and then select the skill, followed by the rune you want for that slot.
    • Remember, the builder is currently using PTR values for the abilities so some skill/rune names might have changed.
  • Now click an empty item slot to add an item, you can search for the name in the search field.
  • Clicking the "Recommended" next to an item will cycle through the options.
  • Next, give your build a title, and write your guide! At the bottom of that, select the Build tags you want to give your build.




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