Critical Hit Playing Reaper of Souls, Starter Crafted Demon Hunter, Blizzard Service Awards Updated

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Critical Hit Playing Reaper of Souls

The video game tribute music band Critical Hit uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of them rehearsing a Reaper of Souls arrangement. And it sounds awesome! Note that the title suggests that they are going to play it at Blizzcon, so if you are attending, you might hear it live (our user FableWynd pointed out that Critical Hit played in last year's Blizzcon [@41 mins] instead, and only uploaded the video recently). Check it out!

Starter Crafted Demon Hunter

Forum user Natalya85 has posted a video guide similar to the one's we have featured recently from CuckooGaming, with a Starter Crafted character. His guide displays a Follower-centric Fire Demon Hunter, and will allow you to start farming Torment 4 straight away on a fresh alternate, as long as you have the crafting materials. Very detailed and easy to understand. Check it out below!

Blizzard Service Awards Updated

Blizzard has just made a post pointing out an update to their Service Awards. They are a way for the company to thank the employees who dedicate a period of their lives to help make the games we all love! Check out their gallery (see a preview below the post) to see all the loot that they have given away in the past.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

The Service Award ceremonies are an important Blizzard tradition that began in 1996. These ceremonies recognize the dedication and commitment demonstrated by those who help Blizzard create the most epic entertainment experiences...ever. Check out our newly updated service awards page, which now features the two-year stein, new five-year swords, fifteen-year rings, and the twenty-year helm!




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