2.1 PTR Patch datamined - 2H Weapon Changes!

2.1 PTR Patch datamined

  • Update 1:50pm: Added String changes: ItemPassivePowerDescritions & Items
  • Update 1:55pm: Added String changes: Salvage & UIToolTips
  • Update 2:00pm: Added String changes: Achievements, Banners, HeroCreate & Leaderboards
  • Update 2:16pm: Added blue post about 2h weapons
  • Update 3:20pm: Added Textures and Icons.

Once again, a new build has appeared on the Public Test Realm! We're working hard to get you all the changes and will keep updating this post.
The following is datamined, and may contain errors, please keep this in mind!

2h Weapon Changes

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We’ve been discussing 2-Hander buffs for a while now. Right now on live, 2-Handers are almost always less powerful than dual-wielding 1-Handers for a few different reasons, and we wanted to rebalance them for Patch 2.1. We had two options to address the issue:

  • 1. Make new 2-Hander passives and buff existing 2-Hander passives for Barbarian, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard.
  • 2. Buff all 2-Handed weapons baseline and adjust Heavenly Strength accordingly.

After trying both options out internally, we decided to go with option 2. This solution has two desirable benefits: 1) it’s immediately noticeable to all players when they pick up a 2-Hander and see the DPS number both significantly higher than a 1-Hander and higher than pre-Patch 2.1 2-Handers and 2) changing 1 passive is less of a jarring overall change for players than changing/adding 4 passives.

In the upcoming PTR patch, you should see the DPS of 2-Handed Melee Weapons increased by 23-26% across the board. The goal is to get the raw DPS of a 2H build to be close enough to the raw DPS of a Dual-Wield build that the weapon choice is mostly determined by the legendary powers on the item and by the build you are using. Some of the tradeoffs of 2-Handers vs. Dual-Wielding are that 2-Handers are intended to make more efficient use of resources and hit harder for skills with cooldowns while Dual-Wielding is intended to generate more procs, Life on Hit, and give more of certain stats. Currently, the raw DPS gap is large enough that Dual-Wielding feels like it is always the right answer.

To summarize the changes:
  • The DPS of 2-Handed Melee Weapons has been increased by 23-26% across the board.
  • This applies to the following weapon types: 
    • 2-Handed Maces
    • 2-Handed Mighty Weapons
    • 2-Handed Axes
    • 2-Handed Flails
    • 2-Handed Staffs
    • 2-Handed Swords
    • Daibos
    • Polearms
  • In direct response, Heavenly Strength will now reduce damage done by 20%. With both changes, Crusaders using a 2-Hander should see a very small DPS increase.
  • This change is retroactive to existing live items.
  • This change only affects level 70 two-handed melee weapons.
  • This change affects two-handed melee weapons of all rarities.

We are still considering additional changes if needed but this should be a solid step towards making 2-Handers viable again for all classes.

Textures and Icons

Hardcore Season String

  • SeasonalHardcoreHeroText - You have chosen to create a Hardcore Seasonal character. You will start fresh with 0 Gold, untrained Artisans, and will be unable to use Non-Seasonal items from your stash. As a Hardcore Seasonal Hero, you can only play with other Hardcore Seasonal Heroes and, should you die, your death will be permanent. Customer Service will not revive a fallen Hardcore Seasonal Hero for any reason. Your items will be lost forever upon death.

New Banner Items!


Salvage All Button!

  • SalvageAllNormalWarning -  This action will irreversibly destroy all normal items in your backpack. Are you sure you want to do this?
  • SalvageAllMagicWarning -  This action will irreversibly destroy all magic items in your backpack. Are you sure you want to do this?
  • SalvageAllRareWarning -  This action will irreversibly destroy all rare items in your backpack. Are you sure you want to do this?

New and Updated Passives

Remember, the ring is just a placeholder!



Class changes


  • Cull the Weak - Text now says slowed OR Chilled.
  • Bolas
    • Acid Strike : Now Named Freezing Strike. Now does damage as cold instead of Posion. Enemies hit now have a 50% chance to be Frozen for 1 second.
    • Thunder Ball : Has been fully changed. Now increases Hatred generated by 6 
  • Elemental Arrow
    • Frost Arrow : Has been reworded to use the word "Chill" instead of slow (Still acts the same).
  • Rapid Fire
    • Web Shot : Now says Chilled instead of slowed


  • Exalted Soul  Now Increase maximum Spirit by 50 (Down from 100) and increase Spirit Regeneration by 4 per second (up from 2)
  • Chant of Resonance Now increases Spirit regeneration by 4 (up from 2).
  • Seize the Initiative Now increases attack speed when hitting enemies above 75% Life (down from 80%) by 30% (up from 15%).
  • Fists of Thunder Now generates 22 (up from 14) Spirit per attack.
    • Quickening : Has been fully changed: Increase Spirit generated to 22. / Fists of Thunder's damage turns into Physical.
  • Breath of Heaven
    • Infused with Light : Now increases Spirit generated by 14 (up from 4) for every Spirit generator.
  • Crippling Wave
    • Rising Tide : Has been fully changed: Each enemy hit generates 3.5 additional Spirit. / Crippling Wave's damage turns into Holy.
  • Sweeping Wind
    • Inner Storm : Now increases Spirit generation by 8 (up from 4) at maximum stack count.
  • Exploding Palm
    • Strong Spirit : Now generates 15 (up from 10) Spirit for each enemy hit.
  • Wave of Light Now deals 960% weapon damage (up from 605%), followed by an additional 125% weapon damage (up from 79%) to enemies in a line.
    • Empowered Wave : Has been fully changed: Now seems to increase damage dealt, but the strings show the same values as the new unruned skill.
  • Tempest Rush : Cost increased to 30 Spirit (up from 25).
      • Bluster : The effect now lasts 4 seconds (up from 1 second).
    Slipstream : Has been removed and replaced with a Lightning Rune: Enemies within 20 yards take an additional 135% weapon damage as Lightning every second. / Tempest Rush's
          damage turns into Lightning.

    • Flurry : Now deals 150% weapon damage (up from 135%).
  • Mystic Ally : Passive damage increased to 130% weapon damage (up from 40%).
    • Water Ally : The active effect now also freezes enemies for 3 seconds.
    • Air Ally : Increases passive Spirit Regeneration by 4 (up from 2).
    • Enduring Ally : The passive healing is now increased by 30% of you Life per Second.
  • Blinding Flash



  • Spectral Blade
  • Wave of Force : Now deals 390% weapon damage (up from 351%).
    • Static Pulse : Has been fully changed: Each enemy hitrestores 1 Arcane Power. / Wave of Force's damage turns into Lightning.
    • Heat Wave : Now Increases damage to 475% weapon damage (up from 427%).
    • Arcane Attunement : Now increases damage by 4% per enemy hit (up from 2%).
    • Debilitating Force : Now reduces enemy damage by 20% (up from 10%) for 4 seconds (up from 3).
  • Electrocute
  • Energy Twister
    • Mistral Breeze : Now reduces cost to 25 Arcane Power (down from 28).
    • Wicked Wind : Now deals 835% weapon damage (up from 743%)..
  • Explosive Blast : Cooldwon reduces to 3 seconds (down from 6 seconds).
    • Time Bomb has been removed and replaced with Flash : Reduce the cooldown of Explosive Blast to 3 seconds. / Explosive Blast's damage turns into Lightning.
  • Blizzard : Now deals 1075% weapon damage (up from 910%).
    Stark Winter
        has been removed and replaced with Apocalypse: Increase the area of effect of Blizzard to a 30 yard radius.
    Grasping Chill
      has been removed and replaced with Lightning Storm: Enemies affected by Blizzard take 20% increased damage from Lightning.
    • Snowbound : Now reduces cost to 10 Arcane Power (down from 13).
    • Frozen Solid : Now has a 100% chance (up from 40%) to freeze enemies for 2.5 seconds (up from 1.5).
  • Magic Missile
    • Conflagrate : Now reads that only your other spells refresh it, not all your fire damage.
  • Disintegrate : Now deals 390% weapon damage initially (up from 360%), increasing by 250% (up from 100%) per second, up to 890% (up from 860%).
    • Convergence : Now changes damage type to Fire.
    • Entropy : Now deals 435% weapon damage initially (down from 465%), increasing by 350% (up from 145%) per second, up to 1115% (down from 1190%).
  • Ray of Frost : Now deals 430% weapon damage initially (up from 380%), increasing by 450% (up from 115%) per second, up to 1240% (up from 955%).
    • Sleet Storm : Now deals 300% weapon damage initially (up from 285%), increasing by 220% (up from 90%) per second, up to 740% (up from 735%).
    • Black Ice : Now deals 1625% weapon damage (up from 756%).
  • Arcane Torrent : Now deals 400% weapon damage initially (up from 370%), increasing by 305% (up from 105%) per second, up to 1010% (up from 895%).
    • Power Stone has been removed and replaced with Statis Discharge: Each missile explodes into 2 piercing bolts of electricity that each deal 150% weapon damage as Lightning.
    • Death Blossom : Now increases damage by 640% weapon damage (up from 370%) per second up to 2495% (down from 3065%).
  • Black Hole : Now deals 700% weapon damage (up from 360%).
    • Supermassive : Now increases damage to 1290% (up from 570%).
    • Blazar : Now deals 725% weapon damage (up from 464%) with the explosion.


  • Heavenly Strength : Now reduces your damage dealt by 20% (Be sure to check out the changes to 2-handed weapons).


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