Theorycraft Thursday's Stream Recap, Kadala Bug Explained, Hardcore Death in Clan Chat, Crafted Starter Wizard

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Artcraft - Son of Exodar - Male Draenei Character Model, Heart of the Valorous Buff

Theorycraft Thursday's Stream Recap

We have compiled all the useful info mentioned in today's stream for you guys. Some related to Witch Doctor changes, or future developer streams, or the evolution of the PTR. See them below. The VOD of the stream is already up for those who want to watch it.

  • There will be more Developer Streams in the future as the PTR evolves, and those will be more question-oriented (rather than focusing on a specific build).
  • The developers are planning to stream at least a couple times to talk about PTR content. They're waiting for a few more PTR patches, though, to where content is a bit more stable and (at the very least) Seasons are enabled.
  • Full stats rerolling when using Ramaladni's Gift is indeed a bug and will be solved as soon as possible.
  • No ETA for when Legendary Gems will be re-enabled on PTR.
  • They're discussing internally about the possibility of Fetish Sickophants benefiting from different elemental types. They might also get the benefits of the +Fetish Damage% from Armor.
  • Tall Man's Finger was buffed to be on par with Ring of Royal Grandeur and Stone of Jordan. The plan is for more rings to get buffed to this level!
  • Rift Progress is based on monster XP.
  • Unfinishable Rifts are a known bug that is being worked on.
  • The developers have been trying to move away from sheet DPS being considered too important.
  • Halycon's Ascent creation: Vaeflare and Lylirra loved how much deadmau5 loved D3, and wanted to pay him a tribute. They thought about doing a Helm, but the deadline was just too close for the art assets.
  • From there, Don Vu (who also likes deadmau5, judging from the achievement names) took over and created the "for fun" item in its current state.
  • They will change the name of this series to "Play Your Way Thursday" next time. It started out with the goal of featuring theorycrafts, but the content they received was more focused on having fun. And they like that.
  • Generally speaking, Blizzard tries to not modify existing items if it makes those worse for some builds. Instead, newly dropped items will have the changed stats while existing items mostly remain the same.
  • An option to not pick up potions is not a high priority right now, but not off the table.
  • Blizzard is looking at ways to improve 2-handers. There are no specific details to share right now, but the designers don't think they're perfect and could be improved.
  • The Gidbinn Fetishes might get buffed to work like regular Fetishes eventually.
  • Discussion isn't just monitored in the official forums. There's FB, Twitter, Reddit, Diablo Fans, IncGamers, in-game chat, clan chat -- tons of other places from which feedback is collected and reviewed.
  • Transmogs for Set items are already fixed internally.
  • Sacrifice projectile will change depending on the type of dog you have out.
  • There's a bug currently that makes Kadala give off-class Legendaries too often (caused by a fix they implemented in the PTR). Already set to be fixed, but with not ETA yet.
  • The fix that cause that was meant to correct a bug on live that caused players to not receive any items at all (but still use their blood shards) when purchasing off-class items (like a Barbarian purchasing a Mojo/Source). That fix had an unintended side-effect, which is manifesting in Kadala providing more off-class items than normal.

Kadala Bug Explained

The bug mentioned in the stream was further clarified by Grimiku on a thread on the official forums. The fix to another bug had the unintended side-effect of giving people more off-class legendaries - which will be fixed in a future PTR build.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

There’s currently an active bug on the PTR that is causing Kadala to give players an unintended amount of off-class gear. We plan on addressing this issue in the near future (ideally before 2.1.0 goes live), and we'll be sure to let all of you know when we do. If the fix makes it into the PTR, we'll include it as a line the PTR patch notes.

Here’s a little more on what happened, though, for those of you who are curious. Previously, there was an active bug that sometimes caused players to lose Blood Shards whenever purchasing an item from Kadala. The result was that players would spend their Shards, but not receive any item return. This bug had a chance to occur whenever a player purchased a class-specific item (like a Mojo or Source) with a class that couldn’t equip it (like a Barbarian), and the game then happened to roll that item as a Legendary. The fix for this older bug, which went live in with the most recent PTR build, had an unintended side effect of giving Kadala a greater chance to offer off-class Legendary items than intended.

Hardcore Death in Clan Chat

Redditor megablue noticed that in the current PTR build, when one of your hardcore characters die the game warns the rest of your clan. Based on a quite popular suggestion made a while ago. Now everyone will be able to mourn your character's death with you...

Crafted Starter Wizard

CuckooGaming started a series of video guides focusing on builds that can be easily setup with Crafted Gear, for those who don't have High-Torment capable alternate characters but want to get another class going. His first video is on a Starter Wizard, with a focus on Archon and Lightning Damage. It's a very detailed, well explained and organized guide. Check it out!



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