The Wizard's Guide To Gambling In 2.0.5, Inventory Management Tips, Marauder's Set Builds and FAQ

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The Wizard's Guide To Gambling In 2.0.5

An exemplary thread was made sometime ago by Solmyr77 guiding the beginner Wizards through their gambling options. He has updated the thread so that it takes into account the changes that came with patch 2.0.5 and now it contains a great list of items you might want (or might not want) to gamble for. For each of the dreamy and BiS items Solmyr77 has pointed out the builds they are used in and the purposes they serve best, so before you spend your Blood Shards you might just want to have a look at what he's put together!

Inventory Management Tips

We all know how hard it becomes to choose the items that we actually want to play with compared to those that are simply stronger or mess up our current build. For that reason, as well as for letting the stash breathe at least a bit, MeatHeadMikhail made a video with tips on what you can do to prevent inventory clusters. Here is how he summarizes the video:

What to keep, what to get rid of, incremental upgrading, saving 'bad' items which Blizzard will buff in the future (and apply retroactively), what to mule, what to equip on all your characters regardless of class/spec, what to put in each tab, and how to effectively group items. If you're forgetful like me, this system may help you to efficiently organize and manage your loot without getting overwhelmed. Enjoy!

Marauder's Set Builds and FAQ

Yet another useful video was made by one of our forum members. This time it's AngelOfDeath's Marauder 6-piece set guide - it covers the topics of what benefits the full set provides, what should your gearing priorities be depending on the type of damage and gameplay you're going for and what builds you can center around it.



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