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Rift Guardian Tier List

The Diablo 3 redditors put together an impressive list of Rift Guardians ordered by their difficulty as seen by the general public. Also, it's tons of fun to read. You can check the full list by clicking on the 'Spoiler' button and if you think some of the guardians are not where they should to be, share your opinion in the comments!

God Tier
  • Bloodmaw - The cream of the crop when it comes to Rift Guardians. When it comes to threats of killing, this guy(girl?) has it all. Once enraged, he jumps around quickly and violently while also stunning anyone he lands on and dropping a large portion of damage on top of you as well. Watch out, he has the capability of jumping across your screen and if he gets on you, it's game time. Your best bet against this behemoth is to burst him down right as he's getting to his enraged form.
Tier 1
  • Infernal Maiden - This guardian is of the burst variety. Most of the time when you take damage from this guardian, it's going to be chunks of your health. Melee classes are usually the one who have to be alert when fighting this guardian. This guardian doesn't really allow you to ignore damage with a certain amulet, which really can take its toll on melee classes in higher torment levels.

  • Lord of Bells - Most likely the last boss you fight to get the "You ain't the boss of me." achievement. You will not see him often, but he is not a boss you will soon forget. You will always be fighting this boss in the same area, which has narrow hallways. This makes things tough when he goes into his enraged state; he will start to multiply like illusionist and that coupled with his electrified affix makes him dangerous. The slower this fight, the higher your chance of dying.

  • Blighter - AKA The D*ck Tickler (source: Modz.) Grade A pain in the ass, this is a boss version of the Herald of Pestilence mob with a twist. This boss has a multitude of poison spells that start out as a 5 way poison exposion from its body to plauged ground affix to his enraged form arms everywhere around him. If you hate poison, Blighter is not the boss for you.

  • Eskandiel - For those of you who hate arcane, turn around. This boss puts up arcane enchanted, but it doesn't stop there, get ready to use your oh-shit button because you will get vortexed and depending on the arcane placement you might be done for. Those of you who have Countess Julia's, you probably don't think too highly of this boss, also f*ck you.

Tier 2
  • Raiziel - Electric skill set. Currently has the capability to deal an insane amount of damage and is a huge threat to melee characters because of this. Whether it's a bug or not, the threat this guardian possesses is not to be ignored.

  • Perendi - HULK SMASH!....very slowly. However, this guardian also has vortex and if he somehow manages to vortex as he's dropping the hammer, it might be night night for you. Hopefully you have the reaction time to dodge this guardians slow wind up attack, otherwise you might be hurting. This guardian can also teleport, giving it a better grade than a lot of the other guardians.

  • Tethrys - This guardian is an empowered succubus who has been known for one shotting players, whether it be a bug or an actual fighting mechanic. Nonetheless, you probably want to watch your back when fighting this guardian because it will spawn multiple projectiles outside of the guardian and pulls then inward. Not a mechanic you often see, so it can catch people by surprise.

  • Rime - Act 3 key warden more or less. A lot of cold DoT throughout the fight. Basically a Voracity/Ghom with cold instead of poison.

Tier 3
  • Voracity - Ghom. If you're familiar with Ghom, you know exactly how this fight goes. Not a huge threat if taken out quickly but the longer the fight, the more poison he releases, which will add up fast and not leave you with many safe spots to fight from. Fight is easier or harder depending on the map this guardian is spawned on.

  • Cold Snap - Remember Izual? Well he had a name change, meet Cold Snap. You guessed it, he freezes shit. Your fight most likely will start out smooth, then it hits you like a truck, you're frozen. Once you're frozen, you're staying frozen. Ice climbers anyone?

  • Saxtris - Spawns shit in intervals of its health bar. Tornadoes are the primary threat in this fight, they will be the first thing and strongest thing out of this guardian. The guardian will spawn a couple packs of mobs as well, but fairly low threat to the fight.

  • The Choker - Poor mans Blighter. Poison skills that are much easier to predict and dodge than Blighter. It would probably be easier to get hit by the guardians skills as a melee character.

  • Man Carver - The Butcher. Same as above, just a clone of the Butcher, if you have experience with the Butcher fight, then this will also be no surprise to you. Has a couple heavy attacks that hit hard but are easy to avoid.

Tier 4
  • Sand Shaper - Zoltun Kulle clone. Tornadoes are the toughest part of this guardian, but that's about it, not really surprising of a fight.

  • Ember - You know that mob in Act 4 that calls down the meteors and pushes you away? Yeah Ember is that in boss form. Also shoots some fire projectiles on the ground and teleports. This guardian is annoying and if given enough time, might be able to land some shots on you.

  • Perdition - Rakanoth clone. Nothing really special, has the ability to hit pretty hard but if you've had any experience with Rakanoth, you won't be surprised with this guardian.

Tier 5
  • Agnidox - A bunch of fire related skills. Will spawn a large fire desecrator on the ground, shoot fire projectiles from its body. Not too tough of a guardian overall.

  • Crusader King - Skeleton King decided to change his name and occupation. He teleports, he summons skeletons, the whole package. That being said, pretty lackluster killing ability, which is why he is placed so low.

  • Erethon - Missile dampening? If that elite affix sucks for you, then this guardian will be a pain in the ass. Other than that, the guardian charges at you, feels more like an elite than a guardian.

Tier 6
  • Bone Warlock - We're getting near the bottom, which means we're coming to the point where giving a description is almost pointless. He summons skeletons and shoots a slow projectile.

  • The Binder - A spider that uses poison and dies. I hope none of you are dying to this rift guardian.

  • Orlash - Seriously? If he disappears, it makes the fight longer, that's it.

Tier 7
  • Monk -
Stonesinger Tier
  • Stonesinger - Last and certainly least, we come to Stonesinger. This guardian is so bad he has his own tier in the basement. He's as bad as Bloodmaw is good. For all of you who have fought this rift guardian, you know why he's here. He is extremely easy to kill. I know his enraged state has him summon clones of himself from the ground, however it never lasts to the point where you get to fight them. I hope his health/toughness is bugged to be low because this rift guardian is a joke.

[GUIDE] Bright Here, Bright Now

Grimiku posted another one of his weekly useful selections. As the title suggests, the highlighted guide is 'How to find Dane Bright". If you'd like to read the whole blue post, check out the original source.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Some of you may or may not know about an elusive NPC in the world of Sanctuary by the name of Dane Bright. This young man is a self-made merchant who, from time to time, enjoys selling a Legendary or Set crafting plan or two. If you're looking to gear up your lower level characters with some crafted items (or simply interested in collecting as many Blacksmithing plans as possible) then these featured guides just might be the thing for you.

About the Guides:
In this particular Goatman's Guide of the Week, we're featuring not one, but TWO player-created guides. 
The first guide, created by Arkaidyn, features a quick video walkthrough of "How to Find Dane Bright." In the guide, Arkaidyn covers a variety of information he's collected based on his own experiences farming for Dane, as well as on the experiences of other Diablo III players. Check out the video below, or head over to Arkaidyn's YouTube page

Arkaidyn has also posted some additional anecdotal details about Dane Bright in /r/Diablo and /r/Diablo3, opening the discussion to those respective communities. Feel free to join in!

Feedback and Suggestions on Shrines Wanted

Now's the time to complain, praise or suggest shrines for Diablo!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

fortune shrine uselss? anyone else feels that it should be changed to something else, like higher drop chance of legend from elites or something, cause the MF it gives is so little it doesnt change anything.
I will gladly pass that feedback on as it's a valid point - looking forward to seeing more of your ideas on how this shrine could be changed.

Also, to make it a wider topic, I have a couple points that come to my mind when thinking shrines and I it would be great if you could share your thoughts:
  • Which shrines do you enjoy the most?
  • Do you get thrilled by the spike in efficiency they give you (I guess everyone goes Leeroy Jenkins when they get a Conduit Pylon)?
  • Any (wild) ideas for amazing shrines that you would love to see in the game as they would create this thrill effect and mix the gameplay?
  • Do you like to interact with environment in Diablo III and trigger different effects - what legendary items influencing these interactions are your favorite?
  • Any (wild) ideas for other legendary affixes influencing interactions with environment elements? (I just thought about a legendary that would increase the damage of environmental elements to monsters and a legendary that would make all those player harming effects harm monsters as well...)
Love to see more of your thoughts on the shrines and other elements of environment!


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