The Guiding Palm Support Build, Projax's 2.0.5 WD Fetishes Build, Updated Gambling and Caches Drop Rate Summaries

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The Guiding Palm Support Build

KarmaEU shared a great Monk guide for 'Ultimate Healing/Buff/CC Immunity'. The guide revolves around quasi permanent Epiphany and in the original post you can see examples of some of the steps to building the T6 viable support Monk in the form of images and a video.

Projax's 2.0.5 WD Fetishes Build

Projax put together a very pleasant Witch Doctor Pet build that works on high Torment levels, but preferably with the help of Mask Of Jeram. The build is focused on summoning Fetishes through Plague of Toads  and this is pretty much the only thing your hero is doing. We tried the build on our personal WDs and it's tons of fun looking at the little creatures eat out huge monsters in seconds.

Updated Gambling and Caches Drop Rate Summaries

As you probably already know we're gathering Gambling and Horadric Caches legendary drops information on our forum and as usual it's going great thanks to all the good hearted DiabloFans members. Both threads have been updated with the summarized data collected in tables in the first posts. We're continuing with gathering the information in those threads at least until patch 2.1 hits, so feel free to contribute, even if it's not by huge numbers!



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