Fire Crusader Guide For 2.0.5, Elemental Damage Extension Now For Firefox, 25-Sec T6 Uber Ghom and Rakanoth Kill, Fan Made Music

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Fire Crusader Guide For Patch 2.0.5

Mannercookie shared one of his best guides so far: the complete Fire Crusader Guide for 2.0.5. It features a build best fit for solo play, because it allows a 'hit-and-run' style (aside from being tough!). If you have questions about the guide, ask them in the forum thread he maintains. 

The Elemental Damage Extension Now With a Firefox Version

The Chrome extension that calculates the elemental and elemental elite damage directly in the Battle.Net profiles is now available for Firefox as well! As PoutineAuBacon previously clarified, the extension will calculate set bonuses in the future as well, so keep an eye out!

25-Second T6 Uber Ghom and Rakanoth Kill

Uber Ghom and Rakanoth killed in 25 seconds on Torment 6: this is what Slamina's video shows as well as Siegebreaker and Zoltun Kulle which took him 62 seconds. Slamina killed the Ubers with his quadbox team of fire Crusaders. This is a good opportunity to share your records for killing Uber bosses!

'A Defeated Evil' - Fan Made Soundtrack

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

What would a great video game be without its music? It can uplift our spirits, captivate our imaginations, and inspire us to create wonderful works of art. In this Artisan Showcase, we take a look at a musical composition by Vathyr, who was so charmed by the Diablo III and Reaper of Souls™ soundtracks that he forged a melody for Sanctuary all his own. 

Vathyr has a passion for music—the piano in particular—and finds inspiration in video games and movies, especially those of the dark heroic fantasy genre. He discovered Diablo at a young age, thanks to his father, but only started developing an interest in the lore with Diablo III. It was with the release of the Book of Cain and his discovery of "I Am Justice" from the Diablo III soundtrack that he found the inspiration to create "A Defeated Evil, " an original piece of music that's both haunting and beautiful. 

The theme of the track is the defeat of Tathamet, the Prime Evil who is reincarnated in the form of Diablo, threatening the existence of angels and humans alike. Listen to "A Defeated Evil" below, and be sure to check out other original pieces by Vathyr on his official YouTube page.



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