Mysterious Red Beam Legendary Pops Up In-Game, Chrome Extension Calculates Elemental Damage In BNet Profiles, New Short Story

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[UPDATED: DEBUNKED] Mysterious Red Beam Legendary Pops Up In-Game

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sjago showed up for an update in the thread, admitting the image is fake and he was trolling.
IMPORTANT: None of this is confirmed by Blizzard - it's still unclear what the item is, why it appeared and if it appeared at all.

NOTE: If you'd like to see what the story looked like, click the 'Spoiler' button, but it's hidden behind a button due to proving untrue.

A very, very interesting legendary sword has popped up in Sjago's T2 Rift earlier today and the screenshots he took are extremely curious.

I guess i found something....which isnt even supposed to drop yet. no way to ID it, it wasn't doing anything, even when using cains book thingy. Ive never seen that damage range before. Zoom in all you want, analyze it, its not edited.

After this short explanation Sjago shared the intriguing images:

The sword is unidentifiable, but our forum members already succeeded putting the pieces together and by the looks of it it might just be Deathwish - a datamined sword that is rumored to be a part of the Ladder-only items.

Chrome Extension Calculates Elemental Damage In BNet Profiles

A very useful Chrome extension, made by redditor mplourde, adds the Elemental damage and Elemental Elite Damage to the profiles on Battle.Net, so that you don't have to calculate them yourself or go to other sites. Mplourde is planning on upgrading the add-on so that it will calculate set bonus damage as well, but it's helpful enough as it is due to the information on BNet getting updated every time you relog unlike sites with stats.

New Short Story: "Middlewick"

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

"The soldier raised his torch and leaned forward, leathers creaking. His eyes were narrow in their examination. The light of his flame sent shadows waltzing through the orchard, twisting and morphing through the brush like dark appendages slithering in retreat of the starlight. Above him, the wind—stiff and unseasonably chilly for early autumn—wrestled through the canopy of leaves and branches, ushering all seven of the corpses into a lazy sway from their nooses."

Young Dalya's life is shattered when a zealous bishop descends on her town, destroying the only family she has ever had. But is there truth to the holy man's quest to root out corruption, or is it merely a brutal abuse of authority? Read "Middlewick" by Erik Sabol in the Game Guide to find out!
For more heroic tales, be sure to explore the short stories for our iconic classes, available here:



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