Anniversary Dev Stream Highlights, Clarifications on Undocumented 2.0.5 Changes and Upcoming Fixes, Diablols 3 Opening

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REMINDER: Patch 2.0.5 Hotfixes - Updated 14/5'The Story of Diablo' Now Available in the Game Guide

Anniversary Dev Stream Highlights

The anniversary Developer stream that went for several hours earlier today had some interesting bits of information shared. Here are the highlights of the conversations with Wyatt Cheng, Josh Mosqueira, Brian Kindregan and several other devs (Disclaimer: There might be some errors in the information due to being able to collect it during the live stream only, but the major part should be correct) :

  • Seasons:
    • When a season ends, the loot and other benefits will carry over to the normal game
    • Players will be ranked per character and class
    • Each season will have new legendaries
  • Tiered Rifts:
    • There will be different leaderboards for season and non-season Tiered Rifts

    • Tiered Rifts will also be separated between Normal and Hardcore

    • The speed of clearing a Tiered Rift will take part in determining how difficult the next one will be
    • Tiered Rifts will most probably serve as a benchmark for balancing classes
  • Nephalem Rifts:
    • Pandemonium rifts were excluded from the options for Nephalem Rifts in patch 2.0.5
    • Rift Bosses will be tuned so that they deal pretty equal damage - this will not buff them though, but the opposite: the stronger attacks will receive some nerfs
    • The progress bar will be filling up differently depending on the type of monster killed
  • Set Items:
    • Set items will be available for transmogrification in the future
    • Underwhelming sets will be revamped (No ETA yet)
  • Lore:
    • In the early development stages there was an idea that Leah would accidentally kill Deckard Cain because she couldn't control her powers
    • Chances are there will be a new Angel of Justice now that the 'position' was vacated by Tyrael
    • The ending strongly suggests all the Prime Evils have been released, not just Diablo, but the devs aren't willing to spoil too much of the story
  • Other:
    • Ground effects such as Plagued are currently bugged and deal too much damage - this will be hotfixed (see the Blue posts below)
    • An interesting fact: the battering ram in the Act 5 Pandemonium fortress entering does not move - it's the background that does
    • The devs have been thinking about the idea of Legendary gems as a reward from Tiered Rifts

    • They plan on doing something about the fact everyone uses Emeralds almost exclusively for their weapons

    • There are ideas about stashing the crafting mats in a similar way to the Gold and Blood Shards in order for inventory space to be saved
    • Currently there are no plans for additional Stash space being added
    • The Anniversary buff does not affect Kadala's loot

Clarifications on Undocumented 2.0.5 Changes and Upcoming Fixes

The Blue posts below are addressing several issues:

  • The undocumented buff of Elite mobs' ground damage
  • The change in Barb's leap animation so that the two genders will travel the same time and distance
  • Buffing of Rare Plans drop rates along with Legendary plans drop rates
  • Hellfire Ring proc-ing 0% damage

Originally Posted by Blizzard

Elite ground attacks ninja-buffed to majorly OP.  Go near a Plagued or Desecrator pool and barely touch it, your hit points will drop faster than Hogan's wrecking ball in custard. I was gonna say we need to be informed of these changes, but considering that idiotic decisions are never admitted by we go again.
Wyatt just mentioned this in the anniversary Twitch stream, actually. Some of the ground effects are doing too much damage currently, and we intend to tone them down. We don't have an ETA to share yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.  (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Leapquake barb, let's get it fixed! I am of course talking about the leap animation. The earthen might fix wasn't all that bad, you can find ways around it. For bad players you are going to learn to adapt, even I admit the fury return was far to good. Anyhow, my real frustration was the animation "tweak" blizzard did instead of making male barbs up to snuff with female barbs they just put a small delay during leaps. To most people and trolls this doesn't make sense to them? Why? 
We're really grateful for the feedback regarding this change, and I'd like to provide some insight regarding why this change came to pass in this manner.

The animations between the male and female Barbarian for Leap is something that's been different for quite some time, since the original Diablo III release in fact. Of course, the difference wasn't very noticeable as, at the time, you couldn't Leap multiple times back to back.

With the introduction of Lut Socks, this magnified the previously unnoticed difference, and we agreed that we needed to fix it to make sure both animations were completing at the same time and therefore performing equally. We do agree the fix went in the wrong direction, and as a result you'll see a change in a future patch where both Barbarian genders will Leap at not only a faster pace than the current implementation, but faster than the original female animation.  (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Something was buffed...just not legendary drop rate. Now i'm getting.....wait for it....RARE PLANS! EVERYWHERE! BUT NO LEGENDARIES! WHATS GOING ON!?
Yep! The patch notes specifically call out Legendary crafting plans having an increase in their drop rate, but it turns out that all of them were increased.  (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hellfire ring - Proc does 0% damage.
Hi Everyone,
Just letting you know we are aware of this issue and we actually have a hotfix on its way out to you guys that should resolve this. Thanks for the reports!  (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Diablols 3 Opening (Carbot's Anniversary Video)

Do you remember the Diablols RoS Trailer 'remake'? Well, just sit back and enjoy the gift from Carbot Animations for D3's second anniversary: the cutest interpretation of the opening cinematic!



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