Introducing the Gift Card, The Dual Hydra Melee Wizard, Curse Weekly Roundup

The Dual Hydra Melee Wizard

A very cool build was posted by redditor AuxTheLegend that brings some nice diversity to the class. His Wizard's build revolves around the Serpent's Sparker and does some incredible arcane damage in close proximity. Check out his entire post and explanation on this link and a video demonstration on Torment II below.

Introducing the Gift Card

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

Have you ever wanted to give a friend a few Hearthstone Expert Card Packs? Or gift that epic Iron Skyreaver mount to your World of Warcraft guildmate? Good news! We’ve got you covered with one simple solution — the Gift Card.

This €20/£15 gift card is now available at a wide range of retailers across Europe. Simply pick one up at any of the stores listed below and give it to a friend. All they need to do is claim the code on the back of the card in order to charge up their Balance, which can be used to purchase a variety of Blizzard digital items, games, and services. You can also use the gift card to charge up your own balance.

For a full overview of what you can buy with Balance, visit the Shop. Here are just a few examples of the cool stuff you can give a friend via the Gift Card:


You’ll find a list of retailers offering the Gift Card below. Remember that you can also gift your friends specific digital items directly from the Shop.

United Kingdom: GAME, Grainger Games, ASDA

Germany, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Denmark: Gamestop

Belgium, Netherlands: Bart Smit, Game Mania

Sweden, Spain: Game, Gamestop

France: Micromania

Curse Weekly Roundup

In this week's roundup Jess talks about Civilization: Beyond Earth, World of Darkness, Marty O'Donnell, Tomb Raider II and Infinite Crysis!



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