[Updated] Reaper Of Souls Now Live!

Reaper Of Souls Is Now Live In EU!

Reaper Of Souls Is Now Live In NA!

Reaper Of Souls Now Live!

Reaper of Souls is finally upon us all! Before we all dive into the new act or grab the shield and the flail with a Crusader, we first have to make sure we're aware of what's coming. So here is a recap of the information DiabloFans, Blizzard and the community have shared about the expansion. First thing's first: The official features trailer (keep in mind a lot of what you're seeing in the post below has had some changes made, but the essence hasn't been touched):

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New Gameplay Mode: Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is an alternative to the Campaign Mode that we've had in Diablo 3 until now. Instead of completing the story of the game the purpose of this mode is to let you play Diablo 3 immediately the way you want it. You can enter the game, complete a few objectives, get some nice rewards and log out in a matter of minutes. It's incredibly fun and is what people will be spending most of their time in Reaper of Souls. This is what Adventure mode consists of (you can read about each of the list items right after the banner) :

  • New Currency: Blood Shards - obtained through Bounties and Nephalem Rifts (see below) and used for Gambling!
  • New Feature: Bounties
  • New Features: Nephalem Rifts

New Currency: Blood Shards

Blood Shards are new currency that sits next to your gold in your inventory. You get a few of them by completing Bounties and killing Nephalem Guardians. They are used for buying random items, a.k.a. Gambling!

New Feature: Bounties

Bounties are half of Adventure Mode right now. They are essentially very short quests, that fall into several types: Kill Boss, Kill Unique, Clear Dungeon, Complete Mini Quest. They show up on the new World Map and can be teleported to instantly. Bounties are meant to be completed pretty quickly - in a matter of minutes.

  • Short quests that take very little time
  • Traveling across the whole world of Sanctuary keeps things fresh
  • Wide variety of Bounties


  • For completing a single bounty you receive Blood Shards (their count depends on the type of the bounty)
  • For completing all Bounties in an Act you receive a Horadric Cache.
    • Horadric Caches contain crafting reagents, Magic and Rare gear, gems, Blood Shards and a chance for a Legendary item

New Feature: Nephalem Rifts

Nephalem Rifts are the other half of Adventure Mode. They are completely random instance that go several levels deep and offer some interesting combinations of monsters and bosses. To open a Nephalem portal you first need to obtain 5 Rift Keystone Fragments.


  • Completely random instances, that feature themes from all across Sanctuary
  • All enemies in the game, apart from bosses, can be considered as a type of monster for that level of a Rift. For example on a level you could have a combination of Goatmen, Dune Trashers, Succubi, Armaddons and, you know, Treasure Goblins.
  • Nephalem Shrines are special shrines that only appear in Nephalem Rifts. Check out more info on them below.

Nephalem Rift Pylons

The next installment of our Reaper of Souls Highlights features the new Shrines in Nephalem Rifts, called Pylons. The Pylons are incredibly powerful and useful, especially when combined with each other.

Types of Pylons:

  • Shield - Impervious to damage for 30 seconds.
  • Conduit - Lightning zaps your surroundings for 30 seconds.
  • Power - All attacks do +400% damage for 30 seconds.
  • Speed - Maximum run speed for 30 seconds.
  • Channeling - All resource costs and cooldowns removed for 30 seconds.

New Class: Crusader

The Crusader is a heavily armored warrior that branched away from the Zakarum church long ago. He bares some resemblance to the Paladin. In battle he wields Flails, massive Shields and relies on the Light to burn his enemies. He is, by all means, a walking fortress.

New Artisan: The Mystic

The new artisan is Myriam Jahzia, the Mystic. She has 2 features that will change the way you play the game. The first is enchanting, which lets you reroll stats on your items, idenfinitely, for a steadily increasing price. The other is Transmogrification, which will give you the ability to change how your gear looks!


  • Enchanting lets you reroll stats on your gear
  • You can only reroll a single stat, but you can reroll it infinitely
  • Primary stats can reroll into other Primary stats, Secondary into Secondary
  • Click the banner below for the full info! 


  • Transmogrification allows you to change how your gear looks
  • You unlock Legendary items' visuals by identifying them when they drop for you
  • All normal sets of gear are already unlocked on the Mystic
  • Check out all the info and screenshots by clicking the banner below!

New Legendary and Set Items

We made a nice little topic containing all new Legendary and Set items that are coming with Reaper of Souls. It's quite the long list, but is absolutely worth it!


Legendary Crafting Guide

With all the new crafting recipes comes an interesting feature - crafted Legendary items now require a certain Legendary ingredient to be crafted. That's quite a lot of ingredients! Thankfully our forum member Angzt has created a magnificent guide that explains which ingredient drops where and is used for which item exactly.

New Act: Act 5

The new, fifth act brings along three new zones! Westmarch, The Blood Marsh and Pandemonium are the territories we are yet to set our heroes' feet in the live version of the expansion. Have a look at what we know about them and what we've seen so far by clicking on each of the links below:

New Boss: Malthael

The awesomely badass new boss is Malthael - The Angel of Death! He was first shown in the expansion's trailer and we've all been crazy about him ever since.

We didn't get the chance to fight him in the Beta, but a sneak peek of the fight was included in the gameplay video Blizzard released a few days ago:

New Class Skills

All of the old classes have received 1 new skill, which they receive at level 61 and unlock its runes while leveling up to 70. They also each receive 3 new Passive skills and at 70 unlock a 4th Passive slot!

New Level Cap: 70

The new level cap is 70. In the beta we were able to level our heroes to it, but not keep them this way of course! Still, we can always have a look at the first level 70 Crusader though:

Diablols Reaper Of Souls

Here is a little something to keep you entertained while waiting for the expansion to go live in your region.



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