Cross-Game Rewards, Hellfire Rings Don't Stack, Angzt's Legendary Crafting Guide, Stunning Diablo Cosplay

Cross-Game Rewards

Where do you sit on the cross-game debate topic?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Just out of curiosity, when you guys ask for more cross-game rewards - do you wish for more of the kind of stuff we are have been offering in the past (wings, portraits, pets, banner sigils, etc.), or do you have something completely different in mind?
Lets keep games separeted.

I dont even like the pre-order giving a char in a future different game. 

When i pre-order/buy/play a game, its because i want to play that game. 
If there is any bonus in preordering, it should be strictly for the game purchased.
We are definitely aware that this is a topic that people are divided on, some really do like the cross-game bonus rewards, whereas others prefer that bonus rewards are being kept for the title that is being launched.

It has become a launch tradition of ours though, to offer minor cosmetic bonus rewards for all of our games whenever we launch a new game or an expansion, and we have always received really positive feedback on those from players who play more than one Blizzard game. That said, we do of course try to keep things balanced and we do not want to go overboard with these things, which is also why the main bonus rewards are offered in the game/expansion that is being launched.

Hellfire Rings Don't Stack

A confirmation that level 60 and level 70 Hellfire Rings will not be equippable at the same time.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I've been trying to get another level 60 Hellfire ring before the expansion launches, but my luck has been terrible. I'm not too worried about it, though, because the level 60 and 70 Hellfire rings don't stack. They're unique equip items, so you can only wear one or the other, and the 70 version has a better experience bonus. I hope this info makes your decision easier, and good hunting!

Angzt's Legendary Crafting Guide

Forum member Angzt has compiled an amazing guide to crafting Legendary items in Reaper of Souls. He has taken the time to show where all of them drop and what items they're used to enchant. Here's an excerpt from his post, which you should absolutely read fully on this link.

With the release of Reaper of Souls, many new level 70 crafting recipies are being added which require an additional Legendary material besides Forgotten Souls, the level 61-70 version of Fiery Brimstones, acquired by salvaging level 61-70 items.
These additional materials can each be acquired from sepcific monsters or lootable objects in the world, allowing players to focus on farming specific materials for the item they are looking to craft. This guide will detail how to acquire each of those materials and what they're used for.

While I've tried as best I could, I can of course not guarantee for the correctness and certainly not for the completeness of the information given here. However, keep in mind that none of the items have a 100% drop chance, so killing a certain monster a bunch of times without getting the desired item does not mean it doesn't drop it at all.
Please feel free to correct or add to anything I have listed here, I will attempt to update the main post as soon as possible. This is especially true for the "Acquired from" and even more so for the "How to farm" portions. If you find an item in a place that is not yet listed or believe another place might be better to go hunting for an item, please post it here.

Stunning Diablo Cosplay

This super amazing Diablo costume was created by cosplayer Krizdel Ingreso. SInce then she has had some more Diablo inspired costumes, but we decided to feature this one because, at least in our opinions, no one has recreated the Prime Evil in such glorious detail.



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