2.0 Might be Live in 2 Weeks

2.0 Might be Live in 2 Weeks

We have a possible confirmation from a Chinese interview with Josh Mosqueira that patch 2.0 will be live in about 2 weeks. We're keeping the "might" in the title, because, well, it's not written in blue. The information was brought to our attention by code90z in this topic.

In his post he has also hunted down a few replies from Blues on the Korean forums that confirm the "Wings of Valor" to be part of the digital purchase. Not exclusive to the "Digital Deluxe" or "Collector Edition", but just the standard package of the game. Even though the forums are official we'll still wait a bit until there's news from the EU/NA part of Blizzard. Until then you can read all about it in code90z's topic! 

  • 2.0 will go live in two weeks.
  • Players who pre-purchased RoS will get the Wings of Valor (the article emphasize both physical version and digital version counts, but didn't say which edition, I am guessing SE DDE CE all counts).
  • When Heroes of the Storm is shipped, players who pre-purchased RoS will also get the playable Demon Hunter for free.
  • There will be some kind of XP boost before RoS went live. Details to be revealed soon.


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