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Transmog Price Lowered To 50,000 Gold

A change we'll see in a future patch is the lowering of the price for transmogrifying an item - currently it costs 500,000 Gold, but Blizzard decided to make it 10 times cheaper!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

500k gold to transmog an item to look like a leg is too high I think.
I'm already struggling in the gold department to combine gems, enchant legs etc.
Maybe half or less?
We agree that 500k gold to Transmogrify an item to look like a Legendary is a bit steep, so we've decided to reduce that cost. Our current intention is to change that cost to 50,000 gold, and that will be updated at some point in the future. As always, things are subject to change in the beta, but I wanted to share our current intent.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard

A Fix For Crashes On The Way
Hi Everyone,
Good news on this, it is looking like we will be applying a fix for this in an upcoming PTR/Beta patch. I can't make hard and fast promises about when that will be deployed, but it is looking like it is going to happen very soon.
Thanks for your patience and all of your reports about this! (Blue TrackerOfficial Forums)

2-Handed Weapons Bug
Massively increase all rolls, including damage. They're a joke now. Should be at least 30% higher than any 1 handed weapon.
There's a bug right now that might have something to do with this issue. Some items are rolling their damage a tier lower than intended, and in some cases these weapons are not rolling a damage affix at all. We'll have this fixed before 2.0.1 ships, though. (Blue TrackerOfficial Forums)
Torment Difficulty And Legendary Drop Chance
There's also no % legendary drop rate increase listed on any of the torment sliders. Was this removed?
No, it was not removed, because it was never there to begin with. It is true that you do have an increased chance at legendary items in Torment difficulty, but the specific extra chance isn't something that is shown on the UI. For now, this is intended. (Blue TrackerOfficial Forums)
Pools Of Reflection UI Change
Thanks for the tip! Did not know that - maybe I missed it in patch docs or something.
The UI update to Pools of Reflection was not mentioned in a patch note, but it was recently implemented in this last beta patch. You can find it by hovering your mouse over your experience bar when you have a Pool of Reflection bonus active. It includes the amount of experience bonus (25%), the remaining bonus pool of experience, and a note indicating that you'll lose this bonus if you die. There's also an orange diamond to give you a quick idea of how much bonus pool you have remaining without hovering your mouse over the experience bar. (Blue TrackerOfficial Forums)

Blizzard Stream Awards Winners

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

The 2013 Blizzard Stream Awards, powered by Twitch have come to a close and we’d like to thank you, the community, for tuning into Twitch and voting for your favorite Blizzard game streamers. Blizzard and Twitch established 13 unique award categories representing streamers from four Blizzard franchises (Diablo III, Hearthstone, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft). Six of these categories were data-driven (example: most number of hours streamed for Blizzard titles in 2013) while the other seven were qualitative categories that were voted on by you, the community (example: favorite community show of 2013). Twitch will distribute a prize pool of approximately $45,000 in prizes that will be distributed evenly to each award category. Here’s a breakdown for how the prizing will be distributed to the winning streamers. 1
st place: $2013
2nd place: $400
3rd place: $300
Runners-up: $100

Note: We previously announced that there would be seven data-driven categories of awards. We unfortunately had to drop one of them from the program due to privacy concerns. We have adjusted the award amounts to reflect this. For more info on the Blizzard Stream Awards, please visit our original blog post here. We’ve laid out how each data driven awards category was tabulated, provided a full list of award winners, and a list of the runners-up below and on Data Driven Categories - Twitch's army of data robots and scientists scoured their databases to find the top streamers for the following six categories

Poll Categories – You, the community voted for your favorite Twitch streamers in the following seven categories Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that streamed or watched Blizzard games on Twitch in 2013! We look forward to your continued support in 2014. If you'd like to share your unique personality and gameplay experiences, we encourage you to become a Twitch partner. Visit this link for more information.


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