Login Issues Should be Resolved, DatModz' First Look at Uber Diablo, Diablo 3 Caramelldansen

Login Issues Should be Resolved

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Issues affecting login should now be resolved, and we no longer receive reports of login difficulties. However we do continue to monitor the situation and should further issues arise, we'll make a new sticky to inform you all what's happening.

Sorry for previous disruption, and thanks for your patience.

DatModz' First Look at Uber Diablo

Popular streamer DatModz has released an introductory video for the Uber Diablo encounter and the way to reach it. It's a pretty detailed look into what a lot of the high-end players will be doing a lot come Reaper of Souls. Note that the fight is only available upwards of Torment I.

Diablo 3 Caramelldansen

One of the most recognizable Diablo 3 players Jaetch has created what he says might be a "good stress reliever". Whatever it is we can't stop watching it. Share the excitement in his topic.



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