"Lower Difficulty" To Be Removed From HC, Bounty Hotfix Clarifications, Legendaries From Gambling To Unlock Visuals, and More

Lower Difficulty Option To Be Removed From Hardcore

As promised a few days ago, Grimiku talked to the devs about the removal of "Lower Difficulty" option in Hardcore mode, so the change will be a fact in the next patch!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

The developers decided to re-visit the idea of a Lower Difficulty option in Hardcore, and want to make an important change to it. In the next beta patch our plan is to remove the Lower Difficulty button from Hardcore mode. I'm interested in knowing what you all think about this, and will be sure to keep an eye on this thread for your feedback. Thanks!

Bounty Rewards Hotfix Clarifications

The hotfix with changes to the Bounty reward system created some questions that Nevalistis promptly answered on the Official forums.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

What if I complete 90% objectives and just go back town to salvage trash and someone else finish it?
If you aren't present when the bounty is completed, you won't receive the rewards (gold, experience, or Blood Shards). However, you will receive completion credit for the bounty, so that you qualify for finishing Tyrael's quest.
How big is this area in relation to what is rendered on screen?
Should be about a screen and a half, if my estimates are correct. Try it out and be sure to let us know how these changes feel!
Groups will just split up as usual and "prep" the bounties individually like players do now with festering woods for crypt runs. The reward system doesn't scale with difficulty enough at the moment, its not worth doing bounties as a group because split farming is quicker, easier and just as rewarding as higher difficulties where you have to work as a team.
Right now, we want to see exactly what kind of behavior pans out as a result of these fixes. We're definitely keeping an eye on what's going on when it comes to this style of gameplay. The intent is to have players in multiplayer actually playing together in the same area, and we're dedicated to working towards a goal that both encourages and rewards that kind of behavior.

As you all experiment with these changes, we're taking copious notes and seeing what further needs tweaking. =)

Legendaries From Gambling To Unlock A Transmog Appearance

It is very possible we'll see a change that makes legendary items from gambling unlock a transmogrification appearance which they currently don't.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

Just confirmed with development that this is more or less a bug. I say "more or less" because, technically, transmogrification appearances are only granted whenever you identify an item -- and, of course, items purchased from Kadala come pre-identified. However, the current functionality still isn't intended; ideally, we want items from Kadala to grant transmogrification appearances same as normal drops, where applicable.

We've put in a bug report and will be working on it for the next PTR/Beta patch. I can't confirm whether or not the fix will actually make that milestone, but the idea is that it will be in place for the launch of RoS. 

Right now, for reference, we're looking at having Kadala's items still come pre-identified, but to have any associated transmogrification appearances granted on successful purchase. That functionality may evolve/change as we work on the fix, however, and we'll be sure to keep you guys updated. 

Thanks for the post!

For clarity (you know, just in case): This fix would only apply to Legendary appearances granted by items purchased from Kadala, since non-Legendary appearances unlock as you level up the Mystic.
Thank you for the clarification Lylirra. So I'm half right, and half wrong. :)

*sticks big toe in mouth*
I wouldn't say you were wrong at all. The mechanics were working as designed, though perhaps not as intended. :D

[EU] Login Issues Now Resolved

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

We're currently investigating reports of login issues both to Diablo III and Battle.net in general.

In order to look into this can I please request the following info:
Town and Country :
A pathping to your region:
And a trace to your region

This info will be forwarded on for investigation by our networking team and we'll update here as soon as we get more info on this.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Thanks again for your patience. 

We were able to resolve the issue so players should be able to log in now. There may be a rush of players accessing the logon servers please wait a few minutes between attempts to get in game if you still see an error.


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