Focused Feedback -Infernal Machine Encounters, Background Download, New Barbarian Set, Hellfire Ring and Uber Diablo Boss Fight

Focused Feedback - New Infernal Machine Encounters

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

As the Closed Beta for Reaper of Souls presses onward, our development team would like to express their extreme gratitude for the multitudes of valuable feedback that has been provided by the community. From this feedback, it has become evident that certain areas of the expansion require more scrutiny than others, and to this end we come to you today to request a call to arms!

Bear in mind that while we would like players to sometimes focus on providing the feedback on specific topics, all feedback is still quite welcome either via the e-mail provided in your Beta invitation or here on the forums. 

We are currently looking for detailed feedback regarding:
  • New level 70 Infernal Machine bosses. This can include but is not limited to: overall difficulty, fight mechanics, and/or event rewards.
  • While all feedback is appreciated, we would especially like to hear from players in Torment difficulty.
  • Note that in the current beta build, drop rates for level 70 keys and organs for the Infernal Machine event have been temporarily set to 100%.

As we move forward with testing, we may require additional testing needs. Keep an eye out for similar threads in the future as these needs arise. We do ask that feedback provided in this thread stays on topic – unrelated feedback will be appropriately moderated.

Thank you for your participation!

Background Download Now Available

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

As of this week, you may notice that the Diablo III game launcher and desktop app will begin downloading data for a "future patch." This download is in preparation for the March 25 launch of Reaper of Souls, as well as a pre-expansion patch that will be released in the coming months.

How it Works:

The download will be around 6GB in size and include things like models, textures, art files, and other upcoming content in patch 2.0.1 and Reaper of Souls that is already complete. By making this data available early, you'll have leass to download once the pre-expansion patch and expansion are released. The background download data is encrypted and won't make any changes to the live game or service until patch 2.0.1 and Reaper of Souls launch. In the meantime, you will be able play Diablo III as normal, and your in-game experience should remain unaffected by the download itself. In order for the background download to begin, Diablo III must be installed on your computer and patched up to the latest build.  Please note that you will be eligible for the background download even if you have not prepurchased Reaper of Souls.

 If you're using the desktop app:

If you're using the desktop app, the background download will continue as long as the application is running. The download can be paused at any time by clicking the Pause button located to the right of the circular background download icon. To resume the download, click the Resume button (which will appear in the same location as thePause button) or click the Installation & Updates Options button and select Resume Updates. The desktop app also let's you customize your background download settings, so you can pause updates whenever a game is launched as well as set your preferred download speeds. To adjust your preferences, click the Installation & Updates Options button located to the left of the background download icon and select Settings.

 If you're using the standard Diablo III launcher:

If you're using the standard Diablo III game launcher, the background download will continue to pick up data so long as the game launcher is running. You can always check the progress of your download by clicking the Info button at the top of the launcher, then selecting Connection Information from the drop-down menu. If you wish to complete the update at a later time, simply click the Play button at any point to pause the background download and run Diablo III, or simply close the launcher.
That’s all there is to it. Stay tuned to for all the latest Reaper of Souls news, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We'll see you in Sanctuary!

New Barbarian Armor Set

Blizzard shared an awesome image of one of Barbarian's new armor sets. It's still just a teaser - they're not mentioning the name of the set or any information about the other classes' sets.

RoS Hellfire Ring and Uber Diablo Boss Fight Videos

Reddit user Anuiran shared two very interesting videos he made in RoS Beta:

"Chance to cast a fire ring for 200% weapon damage when attacking" I actually didn't notice but it has 45% Bonus Experience now. Don't know why I missed that!", Anuiran writes under his Hellfire ring video.

"I did this fight on a easy difficulty just to show how the new fight works. It gets really hard on higher difficulties!"



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