The War On Spam Continues, Kamui's Crusader Helm, ChromeOnRust's CM Wizard Gear Guide

The War On Spam Continues

Despite the fact in-game spam will probably never be fully prevented, Vaeflare reminds us it is of great value to keep reporting spammers.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

When we log in to play Diablo III, we experience much of the same frustrations you’re describing here, and indeed: in-game spam sucks.

The short version is that this is actually quite a complex issue, as Blaten13 noted. We’ve had some successes and some failures, and it’s possible we may never be able to get rid of in-game spam completely. It’s not really something you can fix once and never have to pay attention to again (since spammers continually evolve their arsenal of clever tricks in order to promote their wares and services). Regardless, we know that receiving in-game spam is annoying and we’re committed to keep trying new solutions, understanding that they may not always be 100% effective. In the end, our goal is to curb as much bad behavior as possible, while still ensuring that legitimate players can freely connect and chat with their friends.

In the meantime, please do report spam friend requests to us so that these reports can be reviewed ASAP by the appropriate teams, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any and all news we have regarding this subject.

Kamui's Crusader Helm

Cosplayer Kamui presented her progress on a D3 Crusader armor she's working on at the moment. The helm is ready and looks fabulous. You can check more of the progress in her Facebook album!

ChromeOnRust's CM Wizard Gear Guide

ChromeOnRust made an interesting guide including the state of the Auction House 3 months before its closing. He demonstrates how you can gear up your CM wizard to be viable for MP10 farming and gives a look at the skills and the build in general.



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