When Should RoS Feedback End, Does Blizzard Post Enough on the Forums, Maghda Cosplay

When Should RoS Feedback End

People have been wondering when Blizzard will cut feedback for Reaper of Souls. There's no such thing as cutting it off though.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

Stating a cut-off date would imply that there's a point where we'd no longer be seeking your feedback. That simply isn't the case, and I think that setting a cut-off would be more counter-intuitive than helpful. You could consider a "soft" cut-off being the end of the Beta/PTR test phase; however, we do not have date for that at this time.

The biggest benefit to our approach with Diablo III is that it’s an ongoing development process. The launch day of Reaper of Souls shouldn't suggest an absolute finality. While we are, of course, working to make the expansion the best it can possibly be from day one, there will always be room for growth, and continuing to read, review, and pass on player feedback will remain the biggest part of that process.

Does Blizzard Post Enough on the Forums

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

Blizzard tends to post very erratically and more often that not ignores the threads that are considered important by posters.
Simply put, just because we haven't posted in it does not mean the thread was ignored. Replying to each and every thread we read is largely impractical, though one of my goals in general is to post more. I admittedly lurk a little too much at times and there’s always room to improve!
I remember awhile ago one of the blues saying they often read posts but avoid posting in many cases to not interrupt the discussion.
There's a lot of situations where this is the case. Some conversations can be "tainted" by the presence of an employee (kind of like the observer effect, but with blue text), especially when we're trying to get a feel for what it is you guys are thinking. I know for myself, I try to jump into threads where direction is needed or requested, or when there’s particularly important information to share or reiterate. It's also worth noting that, though we frequently use the forums to talk or chat or ask questions, their main purpose is really to give players a dedicated space to discuss Diablo III with each other.
I found this the other day on Urban dictionary. Not that I agree with it in any way, shape or form, but some people do think very little of them.
Regardless of the status of this information as a quote from another site, it includes content that isn't appropriate for the forums.
Blizzard could still do a much better job or interacting with the community.
This feedback has definitely been noted, and I thank you for being honest and constructive. =) If you would like to pass on any additional feedback regarding the Diablo III Community team, including suggestions on what you'd like to see from us or what you think we could do better, please forward that on to lylirra@blizzard.com. This goes for anyone - we've always got an open ear, and we're ultimately here for you guys. We're always looking to improve, and knowing exactly what you'd like to see from us can help us get there.

Maghda Cosplay

A great cosplay of Maghda was posted on Deviant Art by FirstKeeper. She actually showcased it on BlizzCon 2013, but it deserves a separate mention, because of its spectacular resemblance to the character. Even the wings move! Check out the rest of FirstKeeper's gallery as there are a few more good cosplays and a ton of nice art (click the folders on the left)!



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