50 More Legendary Items (Gallery), Jaetch's Torrent Archon Wizard, Curse Weekly Roundup

50 More Legendary Items (Gallery)

Several days after the Friends and Family Beta came, we showed you 140 screenshots of legendary items. Now we've collected 50 more, hopefully you'll find them interesting! Let us know which one you find most appealing!


Jaetch's Torrent Archon Wizard

Jaetch has created another cool build for his Wizard on the Closed Beta servers. The build shows a nice combination of Arcane skills and includes Archon. The more important stacked stats are + Arcane Damage and Cooldown Reduction, which really help to make the build shine. Best part is you don't need any specific gear for it!

Curse Weekly Roundup

In this week's Curse roundup Jess talks about Day Z's Standalone version, Star Wars Attack Squadrons' Trailer, Nintendo Direct, EA being sued, and more.



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