Legendary Item Brainstorm With D3 Devs, Tal Rasha Set Bonus Isn't Final, King Kongor's Spearalanche Barb Build

Check Your Battle.Net Account For a Beta

Just as a reminder, now that the Friends and Family Beta is temporarily down and a big patch is expected it's a good time to make sure you haven't missed out your golden opportunity to become part of Reaper of Souls' testers. Not to mention it's very possible Blizzard will give access to more people now that there has been some work done to the game. So go to your 'Account' directory in Battle.net and have a look at your Diablo III section. If there is a "Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Beta", you're one of the lucky few. If not, make sure to check back from time to time!


Legendary Item Brainstorm With D3 Devs

Today was the day the 'Design a Legendary' brainstorm happened and our fellow DiabloFans member MrMonstrosity was one of the 5 participants along D3 developers Travis Day and John Yang. If you have about an hour to spare, definitely devote it to watching/listening to the awesome conversation formed on Twizzcast.

And here is an official blog post with more info on the 4th part of 'Design a Legendary" from earlier today:

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

Before we kick-off our brainstorm on Legendary powers later this evening with the wonderful crew from TwizzCast (click here to learn more), we wanted to share the very first piece of concept art crafted by 3D character artist Aaron Gaines for the Design a Legendary project. 

Hot off the proverbial press, here's a first look at our upcoming one-handed, Mephisto-themed Legendary sword. Check it out!

For comparison, here are two different portraits of the Lord of Hatred himself. The first was created by conceptual designer Iain McCaig for the Book of Cain, and the second by fan artist TamplierPainter for the Design by Humans Diablo III T-Shirt contest.


Note that this is just an initial sketch, the first step in the visual design process. As Aaron continues to bring this item to life, we'll be sure to provide updates and additional screenshots—as well as a Q&A. So stay tuned!

Have a question you'd like to ask Aaron about this particular Legendary item or character art in Diablo III? Leave a comment below or send us a reply on Twitter!

Tal Rasha Set Bonus Isn't Final

... pretty much like everything else in the Friends and Family Beta, but it turns out this particular set bonus is 'not yet revisited' even.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

Some of the set bonuses that you see in the Reaper of Souls beta are placeholders, or simply haven't yet been revisited.
However I think some of the old sets have not yet been revisited, so I'd say stay tuned.
More or less this. =) The Tal Rasha's set is one of the not-yet-revisited, so I'll take this opportunity to reiterate that what you see on Beta (in general as well as with specific items) is not yet final.

King Kongor's Spearalanche Barb Build

King Kongor takes the opportunity to demonstrate the barbarian build he feels he's perfectioned before the beta account wipe hits. As you can figure from the name of the build, the key skills are Ancient Spear and Avalanche, but the build also includes Wrath of the Berserker, Sprint, Battle Rage and Earthquake. Make sure to check it out and let us know if you're excited for the Barbarian as a class in Reaper of Souls.



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