Suggestion Day: Nephalem Trials, Adding Competition to Diablo; [Endgame 2.0] Challenge Mode Infographic; Orb of Nightmares

Important! The New is Live

DiabloFans Suggestion Day

Due to the appearance of several amazing fan concepts here, on our forums, we decided today is not going to be the usual news day, but a collection of suggestions and ideas, posted by our members. Hopefully you'll enjoy them and even get motivated to create one of your own!

Nephalem Trials, Adding Competition to Diablo

MrMonstrosity comes back to the suggestion scene (which DiabloFans has already proven to be) with another beautifully structured thread on how Diablo III can become a better game.

The points he makes include (but are definitely not limited to) :

  • Endless Horde
    What better way to test your survivability and killing speed then a trial made of an endless horde of demons.
  • Timed Dungeon
    Inspired by World of Warcraft's challenge mode players test their efficiency to earn honors for the fastest run. Players compete against each other by clearing every monster in the dungeon.
  • Goblin Hunt
    Race against time to kill as many of the devious little creatures as possible found randomly scattered throughout a dungeon.

He doesn't even stop there: he goes on with developing (or at least building on) Rankings & Ladders and Seasons. Those are only a few of the many reasons you should check his awesome post!

[Endgame 2.0] Challenge Mode Infographic

Fully coincidental, one of our other great contributors came out with a professionally looking suggestion thread at about the same time MrMonstrosity shared his. DamienJohn's Challenge Mode Infographic is eye candy as well as mind candy for every Diablo player!

Here are some of the ideas you can see in his easy-to-read infographic:

  • Challenge Mode
    • Third game mode, alongside with Campaign and Adventure
    • Includes:
      • Nephalem Trials
        • Choose from dozens of trials that each require a unique strategy
        • Gauge the limits of your power and climb the ranks among your clan
        • Develop new builds and synergies to maximize your trial efficiency
      • Pandemonium Towes (endless string of chambers)
        • Obtain special keystones that grant access to the Pandemonium tower
        • Battle your way upwards through an ever-increasing difficulty
      • Competition Instances - Invite other players to compete with you in simultaneous instances
  • Ladder Seasons

Along with the impressive infographic, DamienJohn made a FAQ section in his post, so that he can clarify any misunderstandings and/or potential flaws. So don't hesitate to give his topic a good look and drop a line on what your thought about his concept are!

Orb of Nightmares

A totally different concept came from another DiabloFans member - Ropp. His idea, called "Orb of Nightmares", revolves around a rework of the Uber Bosses system.

He has summarized it pretty well in his own topic:

  • A system based on uber bosses and exclusive for the adventure mode
  • You can only fight them when a certain item drops, so there is no “must-do” system as Nephalem Valor was
  • The encounter is random, so you will fight every boss during the endgame
  • The reward is a buff, and this is welcome at Normal mode as well as at Torment VI mode
  • The Archivist is back
  • Possibility of bringing back lots of epic fights from the Sanctuary History

Go check it out for yourself and see if you'd like what he's proposing. Leave a comment in his topic as well, because there is nothing more important for a creative person that attention and feedback.



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