The New is Live

The New is Live

Diablofans has come a long way since the early days when it was known as Today we bring great news that the site re-launch is officially here!

Though the re-launch has gone live today, the changes do not stop here. We have many more great things to come and today is only the start. The site itself should still function the same, but now comes with more features and better performance! Three quick things:

  • Feedback - We are looking for all your feedback. You can post any feedback you have here, or in the feedback thread.
  • Streams -  A lot of you have asked, and now its back and working! We have already populated it with a few popular streamers, however if you would like your stream added, stop by this thread and submit a request.
  • Old Site - If for any reason you need to take a peek at how things use to be you can do so at - Note that this is only a read-only version of the site


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