Reaper of Souls Highlights: New Class Skills and Visuals

Reaper of Souls Highlights: New Class Skills and Visuals
Our latest highlight from Reaper of Souls demonstrates the new skills for each of the vanilla classes, how they look like and a quick gameplay demonstration! Note that some of the skills, especially the Barbarian's Avalanche, currently aren't fully implemented yet. Most of them work though.

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Barbarian - Avalanche
The Barbarian's Avalanche is still very much a work in progress. Two of the Runes are not yet implemented and don't do anything. The last Rune uses the first's visual and its cooldown mechanic doesn't seem to work properly. With that said the skill is very useful even in its current state, being very high damage with a relatively short cooldown.

DiabloFans Quote:

Avalanche - Cooldown 30 seconds. Cause a massive deluge of rocks and debris to sweep across an area dealing 1800% weapon damage to all enemies caught in its path. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 25 Fury you spend
  • Glacier - Giants blocks of ice hit and freeze enemies for 5 seconds
  • Snow-Capped Mountain - Cave-in from both sides push monsters into a valley in front of you <NYI> (Not Yet Implemented. This Rune still does nothing in-game)
  • Volcanic Eruption - Chunks of molten lava rain down from the sky <NYI> (Not Yet Implemented. This Rune still does nothing in-game)
  • Lahar - Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 15 Fury spent
  • Tectonic Rift - Store up to 3 charges of Avalanche at a time

Demon Hunter - Vengeance
Vengeance is everything Demon Hunters want to be - an unstoppable demon-slaughtering machine. The visual is extremely satisfying and it feels really great on the battlefield.

DiabloFans Quote:

Vengeance - Cooldown 90 seconds. Turn into the physical embodiment of Vengeance for 15 seconds. Side Guns: Gain 4 additional piercing shots for 75% weapon damage each on every attack. Homing Rockets: Shoot 4 rockets at nearby enemies for 40% weapon damage each on every attack
  • Dark Heart - Vengeance pours out of you, continuously dealing 350% weapon damage per second to enemies around you
  • Personal Mortar - Launch 2 grenades at random enemies outside melee range every attack for 175% weapon damage each
  • Stimulants - Heal for 6% of maximum Life each second
  • From the Shadows - Summon allies from the shadows that attack and Stun your enemies for 2 seconds
  • Seethe - Gain 15 Hatred per second

Monk - Epiphany
The Monk's Epiphany acts as a rapid Spirit generator that lets you demolish enemies with heavy spirit spenders. Besides the effects described below it also seems to do a Seven-Sided Strike when you use Wave of Light. Or I might just be seeing things.

DiabloFans Quote:

Epiphany - Cooldown 90 seconds. Have an Epiphany, increasing your Spirit regeneration per second by 35 and enabling your melee attacks to instantly dash to your target for 15 seconds
  • Desert Shroud - Infuse yourself with sand, reducing damage taken by 50%
  • Ascendance - Charge yourself with Lightning, causing your next attack after moving 10 yards to stun for 1.5 seconds
  • Soothing Mist - Imbue yourself with water, causing your abilities to heal yourself and allies within 30 yards for 13661 Life. Heal amount is increased by 25% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus
  • Windwalker - Each enemy killed during your Epiphany increases your Attack Speed by 3% for the remaining duration of Epiphany
  • Inner Fire - Engulf yourself with flames, causing your attacks to assault enemies in front of you for 353% weapon damage as fire.

Witch Doctor - Piranhas
Piranhas is one of the most fun skills to have on a Witch Doctor, which says a lot considering all his other super fun abilities. The pool of Piranhas has a very short cooldown and dishes nice damage, with some of its Runes keeping the monsters in one place for nice AoE spam.

DiabloFans Quote:

Piranhas - Cost 250 Mana. Cooldown is 8 seconds. Summons a pool of deadly piranhas that deals 400% weapon damage as poison over 8 seconds. Affected enemies will also take 15% increased damage
  • Bogadile - a giant bogadile emerges from the pool of water and bites a monster dealing 840% weapon damage
  • Zombie Piranhas - Turn the piranhas into zombie piranhas. The piranhas will leap out from the pool savagely at nearby enemies
  • Piranhado - The pool of piranhas becomes a tornado of piranhas that lasts 4 seconds. Nearby enemies are periodically sucked into the tornado. Increases the cooldown to 16 seconds
  • Wave of Mutilation - Turn each cast into a wave of alligators that crash forward dealing 50% weapon damage and causing all enemies affected to take 15% increased damage for 8 seconds
  • Fiery Piranhas - Increase the damage dealt to 400% weapon damage as Fire over 8 seconds

Wizard - Black Hole
The Black Hole isn't a super damaging ability but it has the irresistible mechanic of piling up monsters in one place for a short amount of time. Not to mention it looks absolutely beautiful. Its Runes also change to all the different elements making each a valuable asset to your Elemental builds.

DiabloFans Quote:

Black Hole - Cost 35 Arcane Power. Cooldown 8 seconds. Conjure a Black Hole at the target location that draws enemies to it and deals 376% weapon damage as Arcane over 2 seconds to all enemies within 15 yards.
  • Supermassive - Increases the Black Hole radius to 20 yards and damage to 583% weapon damage as Lightning over 2 seconds
  • Absolute Zero - Each enemy you hit grants 12% increased damage for the next Cold spell you cast. Black Hole's damage turns to Cold
  • Even Horizon - The Black Hole also has a chance to absorb enemy projectiles and objects within 15 yards
  • Blazar - Conjure a Black Hole at the target location that draws enemies to it and deals 376% weapon damage as Fire over 2 seconds to all enemies within 15 yards. After the Black Hole disappears, an explosion occurs that deals 372% weapon damage as Fire to enemies within 15 yards
  • Spellsteal - Enemies hit by Black Hole deal 10% reduced damage for 3 seconds. Each enemy hit by Black Hole grants 1% increased damage for 3 seconds


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