Reaper of Souls Highlights: Enchanting, Transmogrification, Crafting, Crusader Thorns Build

Reaper of Souls Highlights: Enchanting, Transmogrification, Crafting, Crusader Thorns Build
The 4th part of our series of Reaper of Souls Highlights will feature the Mystic's Enchanting and Transmogrification services and also the new additions to Crafting. A very interesting video is at the end - a Crusader Thorns Build, created by MrMonstrosity! Check out his original topic here.

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Enchanting will be the primary way for your character to maximize his gear. There are a few key mechanics though that most people aren't aware of. In this brief overview of the new features we'll introduce you to the most important parts.

  • There is currently only one type of stat that is restricted from Enchanting - the special stat the Legendary equipment gets (like "Your gear becomes indestructible" or "Shrines now last one hour")
  • You can currently choose one stat and if you reroll it once it becomes the only stat that will be able to be rerolled further. That is, if you have Strength, Vitality and Attack Speed on an item and reroll Strength, for example, then this is the only stat you'll ever be able to reroll again. The other stats disappear as options
  • After you choose the stat you wish to reroll you can reroll it as many times as you want, but the price increases gradually
  • Affixes are currently categorized in a specific way. Most standard offensive and defensive stats can be rerolled into all other such stats. Secondary stats can be rerolled into most other secondary stats. There are specifics though, here are a few examples:
    • Chance to X affixes can be rerolled mostly into other Chance to X skills (examples: Chance to Stun, Chance to Freeze, Chance to Blind)
    • Skill increasing affixes can be rerolled mostly into other Skill increasing affixes (examples: Increase Tempest Rush damage, Increase Exploding Palm damage)
    • Single Resist affixes cannot reroll into All Resist and All Resist cannot reroll into a single Resist affix
    • Negative affixes like Andariel's Visage's increased Fire damage taken cannot be rerolled (as it should be!)
    • Right now it doesn't look like you'll be able to enchant into an affix that is already present on the gear piece. For example having Dexterity and Vitality - if you want to reroll Dexterity Vitality will not be one of the options, but if the piece doesn't already have Vitality it'll become an option
  • To reroll a Legendary item you'll need a Legendary ingredient. It's called Forgotten Soul and it currently works the same way as a Brimstone, but is for gear above level 60. You'll need one for each reroll, making Legendary enchanting quite expensive. Rerolling low level gear also requires a Forgotten Soul, instead of a Brimstone
  • When you decide which affix to reroll and click Enchant you'll get 3 options to reroll that affix, one of which will always be the old one in case you decide to keep it
  • If you want to be sure something can reroll into a specific affix a helpful question mark is at the end of each stat. Clicking on it displays all possible rerolls for that affix
  • Enchanting binds the item to your account

Transmogrification is the other wonderful feature that comes with the Mystic. It's pretty cheap and already has a great variety of things you can do with it. We'll give a bit of an overview and show some screenshots, including some of our own characters dressed up in all shiny gear!

  • As the Mystic levels she gains a few Tiers of visual gear to Tansmogrify. "Tiers" means the visual sets that are currently dropping from Normal to Inferno.
  • At level 12, which is the current the max level for Artisans, the Mystic will be able to Transmogrify into all normal Tiers, plus the two new ones that come for all classes in the expansion.
  • To be able to Transmogrify to a Legendary item you'll first have to had the Legendary drop for you and after you identify it a splash will appear announcing that you can now Transmogrify to it. Screenshot below
  • As it currently stands Transmogrifying normal armor costs exactly 500 gold. Transmogrifying weapons on the other hands scales a bit. The first few weapons cost 10 000, the later cost 25 000 and the highest possible normal ones cost 50 000. These sound like good prices, so armors might move to them as well, 500 gold sounds a bit like a placeholder
  • Transmogrifying into Legendary gear currently costs 500 000
  • When you Transmogrify an item a purple swirly icon appears on it, indicating the change. That way you can quickly spot if you've missed something. A note in the tooltip also states to which item exactly you've Transmogrified

Crusader Thorns Build
MrMonstrosity was able to get a nice set of gear on the Reaper of Souls Beta servers that let him test a proper Thorns build! He has made a great video demonstration of it that absolutely everyone should watch. Also check out his thread on our forums to give any feedback or ask him questions!


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